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Elders' iconic Red Notebook is now digital!

The Elders Red Notebook app is the most comprehensive of its kind in agriculture. You’ll find it to truly be your number one back pocket tool, giving you immediate and up to date access to information and assistance. This is a much loved and highly valuable item used by farmers across Australia.

The Elders Red Notebook allows you to keep up to date with markets across the country on your phone. You’ll be able to find all the same information and features as you would previously have found in the physical Red Notebook, plus much more. With automated conversion calculators, the ability to send important notes to suppliers or staff (including the option to attach photos to your notes) as well as access to regular audio updates from the Elders team, you’ll have all the information you need right in your shirt pocket.

Access a variety of features to benefit your farming business

Listen to audio market reports from right across Australia using the Reports function, without reading lengthy documents or searching endlessly online for the information you need.

You can also use the Red Notebook app to find direct links to Elders weather, our websites, note-taking capabilities, and a calculator function.

Other features available through Elders Red Notebook app:

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  • Find and record key dates and events in your diary
  • Hear the latest market updates and reports from the Elders team
  • Access Elders Weather
  • Up to date first aid information
  • Record notes and attach sketches and photos with the ability to email
  • Use conversion calculators and access important agricultural measures

Download the Elders Red Notebook app through the App Store or Google Play.


Speak to your local branch to find out how the app could benefit you.

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