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  • Sale ID - cs000450
  • Sale Date - February 07, 2019 @ 11:00 am
  • State - Western Australia

Plant and machinery

  • Property Name RIPPLEMEAD
  • Directions & Location ALLAN ROAD, BRUCE ROCK
  • Terms Intending purchasers must register prior to the sale commencing. Photo ID required for registration. Strictly cash or cheque on the day, unless prior authorisation organised with Elders Merredin.
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Plant and Machinery

2015 Morris Contour C2.
2003 Simplicity Bin 13,000L
2016 Massey Ferguson 9540 Header
Honey Bee Front 4000
Miller Nitro 4315
John Deere 8300
Sanderson Telehandler with Forks
Amber-Chamberlain 2280B Front End Loader with Bucket
Hay Spikes
1994 HZJ75 Toyota Landcruiser and CAB
Holden 3.0 ITD 4WD (unlicensed and Needs New Fuel Pump)
Trufab Chaser Bin
Round Inland Sales Seed Cleaner
Liquid Cart - Freedom Tank 3300 Litres
LKF Bin Seed & Fertilizer Bin
2 x 33 tonne Field Bins
1 x Smaller Field Bin
2 x Bruce Rock Engineering Grain Feeders
Fertilizer Elevator
Poly Tank 10,000 Litre
Scania Truck (farm licence)
Freightliner Truck (needs a new clutch)
Custom Made TOA Tandem Axle Blue Trailer
Narembeen Engineering Grader
2 x 15FT Steel Rollers
Yellow Field Bin 25 Tonnes Approx
Forward Engineering Germinator 2100
New Holland TR85 & Comb
Pheonix Harrows
Nichols Bar
Chamberlain Scarifiers 29 Tynnes
The Pup - 1996 Suzuke Sierra (farm plates)
Quaint Canvas Camper Trailer With Furniture
Yamahah Bear Tracker 4 Wheel Motorbike
4 Wheel Motorbike Trailer
V Moto Four Wheel Motorbike
The Beast Yamahah 250 Two Wheel Motorbike
1970 Weldments McDougall Portable Yards
Quantity of Troughs & Tanks
Triton Workcentre
Various Mechanical Parts
Portable Strip Grazing Electric Fencing
Shearing Heads 2 x Lister, 2 x Sunbeam
Portable Sheep Loading Ramp
3 x Sheep Signs
Fire Harrows
Star Pickets
Ring Lock Wire
Dam Scooop
Large A Frame
Scrap Steel
Old Character Jam Posts
Old Bottles
Golf Clubs
Stock Saddle
Two Home-Made Go-Carts
3 x Pushbikes
Punching Bag
Fitness Centre
Old Windows
Rover Lawn Mower
Pool Pump
Household Stuff
1 x Dog House
Too Numerous To Mention


H.V. McKay Sunshine Seed & Fertilizer Drill
Sunshine Tugalong Harvester
Rusty Old Off Set Discs
Old Spreader
Dodge 690 Bare Chassis
Dodge 690 Timber Tray
Fiat 250 Special (restoration project)
A Variety Of Old Steel Wheels
Rusty Holden Bonnet
Concrete Bath & Troughs
Old Truck Timber Side
Collection Of Beautiful Old Musical Instruments Excellent To Use For Decorating A Restaurant, Hotel or Cafe.

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