Clearing Sales – 509 – Elders Rural Services
Listing Details
  • Sale ID - cs000509
  • Sale Date - May 06, 2019 @ 10:00 am
  • State - New South Wales

Plant and machinery

  • Property Name Roads and Maritime Services - BARHAM
  • Directions & Location 49 Parkman Ave BARHAM
  • Terms Number system will operate,photo ID required, strictly cash or cheque on day of sale.
  • GST Applicable

More Details

Ex Bridge works


Piling caps x 8 1.5m x 940mm; piling offcuts of various sizes; piling lock-on caps x 6 1m x 630mm; assort work platform cages; I beams, welded x 8 600mm x 3m x 310mm; lifting I beams 300m x 3.15m x310mm; hollow section x 2 375mm x 2.23m x 205mm x 12mm; hollow section various; I beam off cuts various lots; angle iron bracings x 42 75mm x 75mm x 1.94m x 5mm; various off cuts; assort I beam structures; guard rail posts 970mm x 2.8m, safety fencing panels; I beams x 12 310mm x 165mm x 4.3m & 4.5m; I beams x 15 310mm x 165mm x 7.9m & 8.3m; assort I beam brackets; steel plate 1m x 1m x 32mm; I beam props x 5; I beams x 2 310mm x 165mm x 9.3m; I beams x 23 310mm x 165mm x 12.3m; pier propping system; gal C section x 2 175mm x 4.2m; steel plate x 15 355mm x 4.2m x 10mm; I beams x 2 200mm x 100mm x 9m; I beams x 7 200mm x 100mm x 7.9m; I beams x 1 200mm x 100mm x 6m; angle iron x 3 125mm x 125mm x 9m; PVC pipe x 2 240mm x 6.1m; piling extensions x 3 600mm x 4.4m x 12mm; piling extension 600mm x 5.4m x 12mm; piling extension 600mm x 7.85m x 12mm ; piling extension 600mm x 8.9m x 12mm thick; piling extensions x 2 600mm x 9m x 12mm; piling off cuts x 8 various lengths; I beams x 4 920mm x 400mm x 10.5m; I beams x 4 920mm x 400mm x 8.4m; I beams x 2 920mm x 400mm x 9.6m; I beams x 2 920mm x 400mm x 11.7m; I beam platform of welded I Beams 2250mm x 610mm x 13.4m; round piling 610mm x 14.9m, round piling 610mm x 14.08m; round piling 610mm x 14.25m; round piling x 4 610mm x 18.5m; round piling 610mm x 17.38m; round piling 610mm x 17.1m; I beams x 3 710mm x 275mm x 10.15m x 28mm ; I beam 710mm x 275mm x 11.03m x 28mm thick; I beams various lengths 200mm x 130mm x 2.2m-8.2m; I beam; I beam 510mm x 500mm x 14.2m x 30mm; I beams x 2 305mm x 310mm x 10.65m; I beams x 4 300 x 160 x 5.8m; I beams x 8 200 x 130 x 8-9m.
Agent: Jason Telford 0447 533 313

3T Loader available on sale day and 25T crane available for loading on Wednesday 8th May.

BYO timbers and tie downs