Stock for Sale – 17482 – Elders Rural Services
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  • Sale ID - ss017482
  • Listing Date - 08/04/2021
  • State - South Australia

Stock for Sale

  • Auctions Plus
  • Auction Date 13/04/2021
  • Auction Time 2:00 pm (NSW)

This item has been sold.
  • List Type Commercial
  • Species Sheep
  • Breed Merino
  • Category Ewes
  • Quantity 293
  • Age 2.7 - 2.8 Years
  • Price (ex GST) Auction
  • Delivery Point other

More Details

Dispersal sale for DJ & N Hall
Presenting an excellent line of Orange tag rising 3 year Merino Ewes SIL to Merino rams. Excellent opportunity on a good size line of young ewes SIL. Presented in healthy store condition moving forward. This line were treated with Vitamin E 29/3/21 as some eye irritation was noticed from hay dust. 85 have been treated with Opticlox & Alymicin and look well recovered now. Double tagged ewes were earmarked for the nucleus line but put back into age group for sale. Scanning contractor noted some ewes that looked heavy in lamb and we noted 1 in the yard bagging up. It is suspected there could be some early lambs possibly from a White Suffolk ram. Ewes will be inspected prior to delivery and if any look close to lambing will be removed. Please keep this in mind if transporting a long distance. Vendor had not seen any rams out at the wrong time but its clear there must have been 1. Scanned at 112% in lamb.

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