Listing Details
  • Sale ID - ss004166
  • Listing Date - January 11, 2019
  • State - Queensland

Stock for Sale

  • List Type Commercial
  • Species Cattle-Beef
  • Breed Angus / Santa Gertrudis
  • Category Cows & Calves
  • Quantity 125
  • Age 2 -13
  • Price (ex GST) $1300.00 - Per Head (Negotiable)
  • Delivery Point On farm

More Details

125 Angus and Santa Gertrudis cows and calves in good strong store condition, calves are 1 week too 3 months of age and are unmarked except for 3 Charolais calve s at the older end. The cows are mixed age and range from 2 yrs too oldest cow 13 yrs. The cattle have been on the stock route for the past 9 months are very well handled of quiet temperament. The Angus cows are Moonigla blood (Condoblin), the Santas are Sargood (Drensmaine), whilst the Charolaise are Rod Newman's bloodlines. There is some Bonsmara in the Santa cows.