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Elders eClips

Welcome to Elders eClips. Thank you for piloting this new way of selling wool.

If you would like to nominate wool to an upcoming sale, please submit the details below.

For more information or for any queries please email


Information to assist you:

  • To access an editable wool classer’s specification form, click here.
  • Please print off the consignment note here for AWH delivery and provide with your wool.
  • Additional conditions are available here.
  • Email specification form to the National Wool Selling Centre


eClips Registration

  • Consigning wool to an upcoming sale
    Please complete the details below for the wool you wish to consign
  • By consigning wool to the Elders eClips wool sale I agree that, in addition to the Wool Consignment Conditions, the following Additional Conditions apply:
    1. Storage fees will be charged by Elders from 21 days of my wool being in storage. Storage fees will be charged at Elders’ standard rates for storage, which are available from Elders upon request.
    2. All 1 and 2 bale lines will be inter-lotted.
    3. Brokerage will be $19 per bale. This amount includes Wool in Transit insurance.
    4. Brokerage does not include traditional on-farm service from an Elders wool manager, and is limited to online support only. If you would like more information about our on-farm and traditional wool offering, click here.
    5. In the event of any inconsistency between these Additional Conditions and the Wool Consignment Conditions, these Additional Conditions apply to the extent of the inconsistency.
    6. A copy of these Additional Conditions is available in the "information to assist you" section of the page, or from Elders upon request.