Access to specialised products from leading agribusiness bank, Rural Bank

In addition to understanding our clients’ financial needs, Elders Agri Finance Managers can link you directly with agribusiness experts to help you plan for your financial future.

Elders provides tailored solutions and access to a range of savings, investment and lending products from leading agribusiness bank, Rural Bank.

Agribusiness Loans

Rural Bank Seasonal Overdraft

This daily working capital facility enables primary producers to finance short-term production costs and cover cash flow short falls. It’s flexible and can be structured to meet your business needs as either a trading or cash flow limit.

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Rural Bank Term Loan

Confidently make plans for growing your business, undertake off-farm investments, and make capital improvements or property purchases. A Rural Bank term loan gives you access to the financial products and services needed to make all this possible.

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Rural Bank StockBuilder

Designed specifically for an agribusiness that’s built around livestock, StockBuilder helps you manage your stock numbers, with flexible repayment options that meet your business’ cash flow over 3 years.

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Rural Bank AgriManager®

Use this line of credit to manage all your farm-related income and expenditure streams. Access funds easily by using the equity in your land or farm to undertake capital purchases, as well as run your business from day to day.

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Rural Bank Equipment Finance

Competitive and potentially tax-effective equipment finance options to assist you in purchasing, upgrading or replacing your farming and business equipment, while preserving your working capital.

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All loans subject to Rural Bank’s normal lending criteria, fees and charges apply. You should read the relevant Terms and Conditions available by phoning the Rural Bank Customer Service Team on 1300 660 115 or online at or by visiting your local branch. All information is subject to change. Products are issued by Rural Bank Limited ABN 74 083 938 416 AFSL / Australian Credit Licence 238042 and distributed by Elders Rural Services Australia Limited AFSL 237757. For lending products Elders Rural Services Australia Limited may receive a commission.

Transactional accounts

Rural Bank Seasonal Account

The Rural Bank Seasonal Account is designed to be used for all your day-to-day needs, whilst paying interest on credit balances. You can also apply for an overdraft limit for your Seasonal Account at any time.

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Savings and Investment Accounts

Rural Bank Farm Management Deposits

A highly effective risk management tool that allows farmers the ability to shift before tax income from yours when they need it least to years when it is most needed.

This can then be used to manage exposure to adverse economic events and seasonal fluctuations. Rural Bank offers both fixed and variable farm management deposits, providing flexibility to manage your tax position and maintain your income.

Farm Management Deposit Brochure

Rural Bank Term Deposits

Ideal for anyone requiring a guaranteed income stream or for people who don’t need immediate access to their funds.

Terms range from 1 month through to 5 years, with your interest fixed at competitive rates for your chosen term. Depending on the term you select, you can also nominate the frequency of your interest payments.

Term Deposit Information

Rural Bank Gold Cash Management Account

A transactional account with the benefits of a savings account.

With a minimum deposit of $5,000, this account combines competitive interest rates with low cost services, while giving you convenient access to your funds.

Cash Management Account Information

Rural Bank Farm Management Deposit Offset Account

Elders can now offer a Farm Management deposit account, through leading Agri Finance specialist Rural Bank. Just as seasons and prices fluctuate, so does farm income. To better manage risk and strengthen your financial future, the new FMD Offset Account works hard to give you more options to manage your farm finances.This means you can now use your FMD balance to offset a farm term loan, which may reduce your interest costs.

If you’re an eligible primary producer with an eligible Rural Bank Variable Rate Term Loan, a Farm Management Deposit (FMD) Offset Account can help you manage your exposure to natural disasters, climate and market variability by allowing you to set aside pre-tax income from primary production in years of high income which can be drawn on in future years when most needed. Plus the capital held in an FMD Offset Account can assist to reduce your primary production business funding costs.

Additional benefits of the Rural Bank FMD Offset Account include:

  • 100% of the FMD Offset Account balance will be offset against the linked Rural Bank Variable Rate Loan
  • No notice period if access to FMD funds is required
  • One low upfront linkage fee per FMD Offset Account

To find out more contact your local Elders Branch or Agri Finance Manager

This information has been prepared without taking into account your personal circumstances, objectives, financial situation or needs. For farm management deposits special legislative requirements must be adhered to and you should consult your taxation advisor before making a decision to invest in a farm management deposit.Terms, conditions, fees and charges apply. Full details are available on application by phoning the Rural Bank Customer Service Team on 1300 660 115 or online at or by visiting your local branch. All information is subject to change. For deposit products Elders Rural Services Australia Limited may receive a commission based on the average account balance. Full details are available in the Elders Financial Services Guide (FSG). Products are issued by Rural Bank Limited ABN 74 083 938 416 AFSL 238042. Products are distributed by Elders Rural Services Australia Limited ABN 72 004 045 121 AFSL 237757.

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