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Improve the performance and production of your dairy cattle

At Elders we understand the unique needs of Australian dairy farmers.

From animal health and breeding right through to stocking and selling, our established team of dairy experts can assist you at every stage, helping you to maximise your herd’s potential, grow your business and achieve your goals.

Animal health

Dairy farmers are passionate about their herd and its welfare. You depend on their daily milk production and the health of your animals is vital to their output.

There are many health conditions to which dairy cattle are particularly susceptible and early detection and treatment are vital. Nutritional needs also change with the seasons and life cycle.

Our knowledgeable team will give you the trusted nutritional, animal health and welfare advice you need to ensure your girls are performing at their best.
They can also advise on farm biosecurity and general business operations and can be relied on for impartial dairy industry knowledge.

Read Elders Tasmania livestock advisor Nathan Saunders’ five tips for dry off time planning.

Breeding advice

While the number of dairy farms across Australia has decreased, the average herd size is growing.1

Our dairy specialists can advise you on traits to consider when seeking to expand your herd and assist with genomic testing to ensure you get the best return for your investment.

With connections across Australia, our livestock team can help you source the best breeding stock and assist with sire selection.




Selling options

If you are looking to sell your dairy cattle, we have the expertise to help achieve your sales targets. We will provide you with details of the latest sales and market information so you have the insights you need to make an informed choice for your specific requirements.

Our nationwide agency network means buying and selling options for your dairy cattle may include auction, private sale or dispersal.

Meet the team

Our team of dedicated dairy experts are located across Australia and have the local knowledge, experience and passion to help you reach your goals.

Rob French  0408 510 368

New South Wales 
Lindsay Moxey  0408 468 984
Dale Bryce  0418 488 016
Janette Falls  0419 353 985
Shane Oslear  0438 829119

Western Australia 
Michael Carroll  0427 975 620

David Patterson  0408 759 071
Michael Robertson  0429 104 467
Darryl Adams  0408 385 872
Jamie Norton  0408 272 475
Rod Caldwell  0417 778 070
Corey Baulch  0437 448 837

Jon Padman  0417 802 543

Peter Townsend  0428 921 113
Adam Crawford  0429 641 484
Roxene Kingston  0427 583 311



Your local Elders branch is also your one stop shop for animal health products ranging from feed supplements to vaccines.
We also stock a range of PPE to keep you safe as well as general farm supplies from fencing, water supply and agTech. View the range.

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1. Dairy Australia.

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