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Improve the performance and production of your dairy cattle

Our specialised Elders team can help you explore your dairy cattle selling opportunities, lift your production numbers, and improve the overall health and performance of your herd.

Selling Options

If you are looking to sell your dairy cattle, we have the expertise to help achieve your sales targets. We will provide you with details of the latest sales and market information so you have the insights you need to make an informed choice for your specific requirements.

Selling options with Elders for your dairy cattle may include auction, private sale or dispersal.



If you’re looking to grow or sell your dairy cattle herd, we have the appropriate expertise and knowledge to deliver successful dispersal sale outcomes for you. Our wealth of experience in dispersal sales ensures your herd is in good hands. With Elders, you can rely on our auctioneer’s knowledge of stud stock and commercial sales to achieve a great result every time for your agribusiness.

Our leading sales processing technology means you will enjoy the proceeds of your sale without unnecessary delays.


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