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“We want to guarantee suitability of cattle for feedlots through both traceability and tractability to the standard that the feedlots expect. We work closely with our livestock producers to make them more productive, more efficient and do it in a sustainable and ethical way.”

Rob Inglis, Elders Livestock Production Coordinator.

The Elders Feeder Ready Program has been tailored in response to feedlot and backgrounder demand.

The program is designed to prepare cattle for background or feedlot entry, while maintaining industry-standard animal welfare protocols.

Our Livestock Production programs are a complimentary service for Elders livestock clients, while we also offer a fee-for-service option for non-Elders clients (excluding inputs).


  • Produce healthier, appropriately prepared cattle – fit for farm, fit for purpose
  • Encourage premiums for correctly weaned cattle
  • Provide a highly recognisable identification for correctly prepared cattle


  • No less than 50 head per consignment
  • A Clostridial vaccination – primer and booster, with no more than eight weeks between doses
  • Bovine Respiratory Disease (BRD) vaccination*
  • Multimin Evolution injection
  • Yard weaned for a minimum of seven days


  • An independent auditor will inspect the cattle post-weaning
  • The Elders Feeder Ready pink ear tag will only be given to cattle which satisfy the criteria
*Vaccine choice subject to destination and sub-species – one or two shot vaccination.

Customer testimonial

Jason and Shelly Schlig with their two children Larissa and Breanna.

“One of the reasons we did this was to get them feedlot ready for consignment to JBS feedlots. It’s all about traceability, industry best practices and just trying to improve the way we manage our cattle. The cattle seem to look a lot better with what we are doing and a lot quieter to handle. This is our third year of doing it and we will definitely be doing it again.”

Jason Schlig, Walla Walla, New South Wales.

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