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As one of the largest suppliers to the live export market, we offer our valued clients a guaranteed supply of quality stock meeting their specifications. We work closely with each supply chain link both domestically and internationally, to ensure that supply requirements and availability meet the needs of our livestock clients.

The Elders live export business is based on well-established trade relationships spanning across each part of the supply chain. These relationships ensure that there is transparency and accountability for animal welfare throughout the entire live export process.

Our live export operations meet all Australian Government regulations and standards, including the Exporter Supply Chain Assurance System (ESCAS), from sourcing, preparation, management and transportation.

We also provide technical support to our overseas customers, to ensure that livestock delivered perform at, or above customer expectations.

Our understanding of the different social, cultural and religious beliefs and practices around the world means we can provide you with the right advice on how to prepare your cattle and sheep to meet varying export requirements.



South-East Asia Export Sales Queries:

Patrick Underwood
Manager Northern Live Export
Mobile: +61 407 262 260
Email: patrick.underwood@elders.com.au

Beef Breeding Cattle, Dairy Cattle, Sheep Breeders:

Des van der Wal
Manager – Live Export (New Zealand)
Elders International NZ Limited
Telephone: +64 21 933018
Email: des.vanderwal@elders.co.nz

Beef Cattle Feeder and Slaughter:

Nevin Zheng 郑乃翁
Livestock Representative – China 畜牧业务-中国代表
Elders International
Room 3001, UC18 Office,6 Huang Yang Road, Shanghai, PR China 201206
Phone: +86 21 6165 2733
Mobile: +86 1561 8366 651
Email: nevin.zheng@elders.com.cn

For all other sales enquiries:
Email: eialsales@elders.com.au



Beef Cattle / Sheep Lambs:

Paul Jameson (Sheep & Cattle): Mobile: 0428 667 998
Peter Cox (Sheep & cattle): Mobile: 0428 262 569
Scott Thrift (Stud sheep & wool): Mobile: 0417 660 260
Andrew Hosken: Mobile: 0428 657 765

Paul McCormick: Mobile: 0419 031 777

Tom Kennedy (Cattle): Mobile: 0427 617 368
Paul Holm: Mobile: 0437 119 530

Peter Homann: Mobile: 0427 277 073
Damian Webb: Mobile: 0418 837 648
Bruce Cameron: Mobile: 0429 471 966

James Cornish: Mobile: 0488 929 026

Ron Rutledge: Mobile: 0418 483 976

Tom Marron (Sales Manager WA): Mobile: 0427 936 301
Dean Hubbard (Sheep: WA): Mobile: 0418 952 087
Kevin Hancey (Cattle: Kimberly): Mobile: 0429 914 400

We manage all elements of the live export process to adhere to strict protocol and standards. The health and welfare of animals is always a top priority and we work hard to ensure that livestock are treated with the highest degree of care.

We use best practice standards throughout each of the live export process – from selection of livestock on-farm and preparation for export through to quarantine and transportation overseas.

Animal welfare is a particular priority and we comply with all live export legislation and regulation to ensure livestock reaches its destination.

As a specialist livestock exporter, we enjoy an excellent reputation for delivering high quality and disease-free livestock around the world. This means that we have many clients looking to source their cattle through us and we enjoy access to numerous export markets including Indonesia, Vietnam, Malaysia, and China.

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