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Elders Livestock-in-Transit Delivery Warranty provides livestock vendors and buyers with protection against financial loss, due to death of livestock while in transit.

If you are an Elders agency client and choose to receive the Livestock-in-Transit Delivery Warranty, we will warrant that all livestock you purchase or sell through Elders will be delivered alive to the relevant delivery location.

If the livestock are not delivered alive (or require humane destruction), Elders will compensate you for the value of stock lost, as well as any associated recovery and debris removal costs.



  • Peace of mind that a truck rollover won’t leave you with a six figure bill.
  • Quick and easy claim process via your local Elders branch.
  • Once off sign-up process – all transactions on your account covered, with flexibility to opt in for buyer or vendor transactions (or both).

What does the warranty cover?

  • Accidental death during transit by road, rail or foot (for example: due to heat stroke, suffocation or vehicle accident).
  • Slaughter for humane reasons due to injuries sustained in transit.
  • Auction and private sale transactions.

What is not covered?

  • Death of livestock that were unfit to load.
  • Registered stud stock.
  • Death caused by infectious disease or poisoning.

What can I claim?

You can claim the following:

  • Associated recovery costs – up to a maximum of $20,000.
  • Debris removal – clean up and disposal costs up to a limit of $20,000.
  • Veterinary expenses for humane treatment.

What is the cost?

The warranty fee is calculated as 0.45 per cent of the
transaction value (excluding GST). This is equivalent to
45c for a $100 lamb or $4.50 for a $1,000 steer.

The same fee applies for both vendors and buyers.

How to make a claim?

Notify your Elders representative of livestock
deaths within 48 hours. We will confirm details of
the loss with you, calculate damages payable and compensate you accordingly.

A working example

A truck rolled over. It was carrying 60 cattle valued at $1,500 each – a total value of $90,000. The rollover resulted in the death of 20 cattle. An additional 20 cattle were slaughtered for humane reasons.

Fortunately the stock owners had paid delivery warranty fee of $405 (calculated at $4.50 per $1,000).

Amount paid to clients by Elders

  • Value of stock lost: $60,000
  • Add recovery costs: $5,000
  • Less levies, yard fees and NLIS: ($3,200)
  • Total damages paid = $61,800

cattle loading into truck



“Sales results like we are seeing are years in the making. Don’t let an accident devalue your hard work.” 

Jack Coleman, Livestock Manager, Port Augusta

Terms and Conditions
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Application Form / Cancellation Notice
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How do I sign up?

Simply call your local branch or Elders representative. Opt in once and you will be covered for all future loads.
Delivery warranty fees are automatically deducted from your transactions and will appear itemised in your Elders invoice.

Call your local Elders branch, Elders representative or email us.

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