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A new fence system designed for horses

Waratah have just launched a new horse fence system called Flex Rail.

Closely resembling that of traditional timber fencing, the Waratah Flex Rail system offers a simple solution for containing horses safely without losing that timber rail look.

Flex Rail looks like a timber rail but has the bonus of greater flexibility, no splintering or need for painting. It is highly visible and has superior impact absorption, reducing the risk of serious injuries.

The black or white Flex Rail is complemented with brackets, joiners and tie offs that make installation faster and tensioning maintenance simpler. Unlike other polymer rail products on the market, the Waratah Flex Rail is manufactured in New South Wales and is available through reputable rural resellers, supported by the largest fencing sales support team.

Graphic showing how the Flexi Rail fencing system goes together so easily.

So many great features

Flex Rail™ rolls – manufactured with high-quality UV stabilised polymer and 2.50 mm high tensile Longlife Blue® colour wire at the top and bottom of the rail. This provides excellent reinforcing, strength and breaking strain while also delivering maximum corrosion protection. The rolls are  120 mm wide and 100 m in length, available in black or white.

Top rail bracket – designed to hold Flex Rail flush with the top of intermediate posts, while also allowing lateral movement of the rail. The brackets are powder coated for corrosion protection and available in black or white.

Standard rail bracket – allows lateral movement of the rail when impacted for greater absorption. The brackets are powder coated for corrosion protection and available in black or white.

Gripple® TL-300 – allows for wire termination at the strainer post, eliminating the need for conventional tie-off knots. The TL-300 comes with a patented ceramic locking mechanism which provides a strong grip and is suitable for 2.00mm to 3.15mm wires. Simply drill a hole through your timber strainer post, feed wire through to the TL-300 and apply tension to the rail.

Flex Rail joiner – a sleek wire joiner used to join Flex Rail together, built with smooth edges to ensure there is no snags for horses to catch on. Suitable for Flex Rail 2.50mm Longlife Blue wire.

Article written by Waratah for Seasons magazine. 

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