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A new generation 100% Non-ionic surfactant

Editorial written by SST for the Spring 2020 Seasons Magazine.

Wetout® – A new generation 100% Non-ionic surfactant

For decades BS1000 has been the leading non-ionic surfactant standard across Australia and New Zealand. After extensive research, SST has developed a new standard – a new generation non-ionic surfactant ‘Wetout®’. Wetout® is a unique proprietary formulation of vegetable based surfactants that improves efficacy in every aspect while reducing unwanted negatives such as drift.


The Benefits of Using WETOUT®

  • SUPERIOR SPREADING – Better coverage
  • BETTER DEPOSITION – More product on the target
  • LESS DRIFT – Less loss and better compliance
  • INCREASED VERSATILITY – Less products needed
  • LOW USER RATES – Less handling and storage, very cost effective



Wetout® reaches levels of spreading that were previously only possible by using very expensive organosilicones. When it comes to spreading, Wetout® can truly be considered so advanced that it is not even in the same league as conventional non-ionic surfactants.

Despite spreading thin, Wetout® retains a long drying and humectancy period, which is important for uptake of glyphosate products.


Better deposition

To achieve best deposition, a surfactant needs to travel to the surface of the droplet fast – the time it takes from leaving the nozzle tip to hitting the target.

Wetout® is fast and therefore achieves excellent adhesion to the surface when it hits the target. As a result, bounce and splashing-off is greatly reduced. More product stays on the target!


Less drift

Drift is an ever-increasing important topic in modern spray application. It does not only have environmental impacts, but also means loss of product (= loss of efficacy and money).

While the old benchmark non-ionic surfactants such as BS1000 increase drift dramatically, the unique blend of Wetout® does NOT.

It reduces drift at around the same level as a well-known lecithin or oil containing drift reduction adjuvants.

Independent trials show Wetout® improves the spray pattern of an EXTREMELY COARSE spray using Turbodrop XL-D 02 at 100L/ha, 3.2 bar.

The addition of Wetout® almost tripled the number of droplets to 78 droplets/cm2 compared to 28 droplets/cm2 when water was used.


Increased Efficacy and versatility

The proprietary formulation of surfactants in Wetout® are more versatile than a single surfactant formulation in the old standard non-ionic wetters.

Wetout® achieves the same or better efficacy at lower rates. It even outperforms specialized wetter such as Wetter TX* on Annual Ryegrass. This means also increased versatility.

Wetout® is the only all-season non-ionic surfactant that is needed. It is ideal for summer spraying because it increases uptake of glyphosate, spreading of paraquat, and helps to overcome some of the disadvantages of the new EXTREMELY COARSE spray quality regulations for 24-D products.


Lower use rates

The old standard wetters are used at 200ml/100L. Wetout® is so superior it can be used at half the rate at 100ml/100L and achieve similar or better results. This means half the volume handled, transported and stored.


Environmentally friendly

Wetout® is a uniquely targeted surfactant package, based on a green, sustainable raw material backbone. Unlike many adjuvants on the market across ANZ, Wetout® is also free from nonyl phenol ethoxylates#. All the ingredients in Wetout® are biodegradable, meaning they break down into simple, harmless compounds over time, meaning our greener approach today will ensure a greener tomorrow.

#NPE’s are banned across Europe and North America because they are endocrine disruptors.

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