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ADAMA’s new Plemax® – for a good-looking head

Editorial written by Adama for the Summer 2020/2021 Seasons Magazine.


Over the past six years, ADAMA has been undertaking trials for a new insecticide, Plemax®, which is proving to be a very powerful tool in managing resistant populations of various chewing pests.

Plemax, which is now available for sale through accredited Elders agents, provides growers with robust knockdown and residual control of key chewing pests, such as diamondback moth and helicoverpa in brassica, leafy and fruiting vegetable crops.

It is an early to mid-season rotation partner to the widely-used Group 28 insecticides under increasing resistance pressure due to a lack of alternative modes of action. The use of Plemax early in the season will also help reduce the selection pressure for insecticide resistance to both indoxacarb and novaluron, the two active ingredients in Plemax. In addition, Plemax has only a minimal and short-term impact on beneficial insects and is highly compatible with a wide range of other products.

In February this year, ADAMA conducted a trial walk of one of their Plemax trial sites in South-East Queensland with Elders agronomists to see the product in action. Elders Gatton horticultural agronomist Greg Teske was in attendance and was impressed with how Plemax was performing versus some industry standards.

“Plemax is going to be excellent for the management of insecticide resistance given the introduction of a new mode of action in the Group 15 Novaluron,” Mr Teske said.
“It will also aid in managing multiple pest stages with multiple modes of action in a single application with oviposition, ovicidal and larvae effects on diamondback moth. I’m looking forward to implementing Plemax into my Lockyer Valley diamondback moth (DBM) resistance strategy.” The trial was a spray program and sequencing demonstration for Plemax as part of a resistance management strategy for DBM. The aim was to compare consecutive sprays to industry spray programs to highlight the positioning of Plemax within that program.
Plemax was also sprayed consecutively against industry standards with the aim of showing efficacy against multi-resistant populations of DBM to Group 28, 5 and 6 insecticides as confirmed by SARDI in 2018/19.

The product performed very well but more importantly, performed better in rotation compared to other industry standards as part of a resistance management window approach.

If you’re looking to give your crops a good looking head this season, get in touch with your local Elders store today and ask about ADAMA’s new Plemax Insecticide or visit for more details.