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All Clear DS – save your farmer unwanted damage

The wet conditions in the first half of summer means there may be fallow spraying over the next month or two.

Get ready for autumn plantings — get your boom sprayers out and give them a good clean with All Clear DS.

A dirty sprayer can mean:

  • significant damage, delayed maturity and yield loss in winter crops
  • damaging breaches of MRLs
  • blocked lines and filters
  •  equipment corrosion.

These are just some of the costly issues arising from herbicide residues remaining in boom sprayers. Each year, poor boom sprayer hygiene causes significant, yet avoidable, financial losses to growers.

The entire spraying system, including filters and lines as well as the main tank, require effective cleaning Otherwise, growers could spend valuable time dealing with blocked filters and lines, equipment corrosion, uneven spray applications or worse still, crop damage.

Previously, to remove damaging residues from boom sprayers, growers needed to use many different decontamination products, depending on the situation. This was confusing and costly. But All Clear DS makes the choice of tank cleaner simple because it works on a wide range of crop protection chemicals.

Not only will All Clear DS perform as well as the cleaning agent recommended on the labels of numerous products, but laboratory data shows that All Clear DS will often do a better job.

For example, the ability of All Clear DS to remove residues of Logran B-Power was tested. The Logran B-Power label recommends using a solution of household cleaning bleach containing 4% chlorine.

Water rinsing alone removed 60% of the residue. Following the chlorine recommendation on the label removed little more, resulting in a 69% clean. But water rinsing followed by All Clear DS resulted in an effective 97% clean.

Similarly, in tests to remove Hammer and Roundup residues, All Clear DS removed 22% more than OMO, the cleaning agent recommended on the product labels.

All Clear DS also showed great results on Tigrex, Spinnaker, Sakura, Boxer Gold, 2,4-D Ester 800, Glean, Lontrel, Broadstrike and Valor.

In all AgNova tests, All Clear DS was the most consistent tank cleaner, giving either a similar or better clean than other commercial cleaners tested, irrespective of the type of herbicide.

All Clear DS is ideal for cleaning out tank mixes where one product’s label recommends a chlorine cleaner and the other product’s label recommends an alkaline cleaner. But chlorine and alkaline cleaners cannot be used together.

All Clear DS is the perfect choice for rural retailers and growers, being effective, convenient, safe to use, not restricted by a short shelf life and still active from one season to the next.

So, growers should be cleaning their booms now and when they come in to buy their post-emergent herbicides, they should also grab a pack of All Clear DS.

Keep it simple – you only need to recommend one tank and boom cleaner for a range of products, and that’s All Clear DS.

Stick with All Clear DS – because little else does!

Article written for the Autumn 2021 edition of Seasons Magazine by Agnova.

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