Ballarat district banking officer wins national award - Elders Rural Services
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Ballarat district banking officer wins national award

Elders Ballarat district banking officer, James Bik, has won Elders’ monthly Operational Performance Award in recognition of exceptional support to his network and clients across the Ballarat and Bendigo district.

With extensive knowledge of banking policy and procedure Mr. Bik is responsible for supporting two district banking managers who together service more than 170 local clients.

Zone banking manager, Jonathon Hewitt, said James’ support not only directly affects the people he works with, but ensures our clients receive the highest levels of support.

“James has taken the lead role in ensuring that our Ballarat and Bendigo clients remain fully serviced by managing the back end banking functions of the branch and liaising directly with our clients as required,” Mr. Hewitt said.

“In addition, James ensures each bank manager he assists receives exceptional support, and that the district continues to meet the wider growth objectives of the banking business,” he said.
Mr. Hewitt explains that James is a valuable resource for customers because he is strongly engaged with his client base and is dedicated to constantly improving customer experience by addressing their key issues.

Mr. Bik agrees that a large part of being successful in his role is engaging with clients.

“I think it’s important to maintain constant communication with clients. The more you engage with your customers the better you can base your offering around what they need, build a stronger relationship, and create a more successful outcome,” said Mr. Bik.

Mr. Bik said he was surprised and pleased to receive the award which comes with a trip to Adelaide for the annual awards in December and a chance at winning the annual award and $2000 in prize money.

“I’ve had really great support from my team and the wider network in my role and winning this award feels like another example of that support” said Bik.

“I love my team and my community here and that’s what drives me to work hard. I’m thrilled to be nominated by them.”

As well as his supporting role across Ballarat and Bendigo, Mr. Bik is currently working on new initiatives in collaboration with Rural Bank that improve processes and create greater efficiency for clients and branches.

“The new projects I’m working on in are based on what I’ve learnt from my communications with clients,” said Bik.

“Being in tune with clients has given me the ability to make changes and introduce new systems that have immediate benefits” he said.

“Although it’s been a busy few months, knowing that I am making a difference to customer experience is really rewarding and keeps me striving to achieve.”