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Internal parasite alert

Conditions are now ideal for the proliferation of all worm activity.

Combine an above average year in 2020, with many areas experiencing an excellent autumn/winter, now is the ideal time to test paddocks for a possible build-up of internal parasites in both sheep and cattle.

Elders livestock production manager Rob Inglis says symptoms to look out for include: lethargy, depression and anaemia (acute cases). He notes they can be hard to detect as sheep do not scour.

The table below highlights some of the risk factors for worm burdens in sheep.


What to do

Rob advises conducting faecal egg counts at least every three weeks, especially in young sheep.

The Elders Livestock Production team have faecal egg counting machines located in a number of branches in southern New South Wales and central Victoria. Enquire at your local branch for this service.

He also recommends monitoring lambs and weaners closely. If you notice sheep falling behind while mustering, drench immediately and leave alone.


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