BASF Sharpen for knocking down broadleaf weeds this season - Elders Rural Services

BASF Sharpen for knocking down broadleaf weeds this season

Agronomist: Mick Marchant – Elders Young

Product: BASF Sharpen

Crop Situation: Knockdown

Weeds controlled: 

  • Wireweed
  • Fleabane
  • Milkthistle
  • Melons
  • Ryegrass

1L/100L            Hasten
1.8L/ha             Glyphosate 450
34g/ha              Sharpen
80L/ha water

How did it go?
“I used Sharpen in a knockdown targeting broadleaf weeds like Fleabane, Wireweed and Milkthistle in a paddock that also had glyphosate resistant ryegrass.

Glyphosate resistance ryegrass is becoming more and more of a problem for me around Young where there has been excessive amounts of glyphosate used over many years.

I was surprised with the good level of control I got – it did a very good job in tougher conditions when I normally need to use a double knock.

My current approach to weed management, especially ryegrass, is to hit it early and take no prisoners. I see Sharpen having a fantastic fit in these problem areas but also in my everyday spray recommendations into fallow knockdowns.

“I’ve found that when targeting broadleaf weed control, there is no other group G that gives me the same level of control as what Sharpen offers because of its systemic movement.”

For more information about how this product can be incorporated into your spray strategy speak to your local Elders agronomist.