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Be ready for summer with Surround

Editorial written by Agnova for the Summer 2020/2021 Seasons Magazine.

With record temperatures and high ultraviolet radiation last summer causing damage and losses in valuable horticultural crops, it’s time to start preparing for the coming onslaught of hot weather.

The Bureau of Meteorology is predicting another hot one, with the start of summer very likely to be warmer than average for most of Australia. So now is the time to prepare your strategy and plan to use Surround Crop Protectant.

A combination of high temperatures and high levels of infrared (IR) and ultraviolet (UV) light can culminate in sunburn damage and heat stress to plants. But timely application of Surround reduces sunburn and heat stress damage, when used according the product label.
Surround forms a white barrier coating on crops, which is specially designed to allow usable light through while blocking harmful IR and UV light. This decreases harmful light and lowers temperatures and UV levels at the fruit surface, reducing damage without inhibiting essential photosynthetic processes.

Natural kaolin clay that has been specially engineered using advanced particle film technology is the secret to the success of Surround. During production, heating the clay to form calcined kaolin modifies the crystals to form a highly reflective, three-dimensional structure. This kaolin formulation, unique to Surround, reflects radiation more effectively than hydrous kaolin and calcium carbonate. The upshot is a premium formulation giving superior crop protection against damaging sunburn and heat stress.

But timing is everything as Surround must be applied before the heat event. Applications after extreme heat or even after spikes in temperature will not provide crops with adequate protection. So, be prepared this summer. Apply Surround early for maximum sun protection. Protection you can see. Performance you can trust.