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Begin the cropping season with a clean boom sprayer

Great time and financial loss can be contributed to boom sprayer contamination.

Farmers should begin their spraying program with All Clear DS according to manufacturer AgNova, who is conducting a major education program to protect crops from damage due to contamination of boom sprayers and export markets from MRL breaches. They have developed high quality boom sprayer tank stickers to supply to farmers. The sticker has a QR code to take the farmer to the All Clear DS webpage where they can access resources including the label, SDS and the list of chemicals removed by All Clear DS. Most importantly, there is a 10-minute instructional video on the complete procedure of boom sprayer cleaning and decontamination.

Spray Safe and Save trainer Craig Day  says it was important for farmers to understand all aspects of spraying.

“This includes droplet size, temperature, humidity, Delta T, spray release height to name a few.”

He says the whole operation must begin with boom sprayer inspection, maintenance and most importantly, full decontamination.

“The farmer must become proficient with this process and understand all the capture points such as the nozzle bodies, filters, the granni pot (venturi mixers) and the tank itself.”

“Another reason to completely decontaminate the spray rig is to protect Australia’s agricultural markets from chemical residues breaching MRLs. Just one detection of chemical residues in food could devastate a whole market ­­–­ that makes it imperative to get cleanout right.

“From a spray contractor’s point of view, this has a label specifically for cleaning a boom sprayer, giving them extra confidence and protection. All Clear DS is a very effective formulation for spray boom decontamination.”

In tests, All Clear DS was the most consistent tank cleaner for the widest range crop protection products.

Order your All Clear DS from your local Elders branch now. 


Article written by AgNova for Seasons magazine.

Article written by AgNova for Seasons magazine.