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Bi-Agra Band soil treatment

Editorial written by SST for the Summer 2020/2021 Seasons Magazine.


  • Assists moisture penetration in non-wetting hydrophobic soils.
  • Rehydrates soil after extended dry periods.
  • Retains moisture and mobile nutrients in the plant root zone.
  • 1 litre per hectare application rate (refer label for full details)
  • Suitable with liquid UAN, quality fungicides and Verno nutrients
  • Very economical $/ha
  • Suitable for all broadacre crops including Canola
  • Increased germination rate and consistency in germination, ideal for early post-emergent spraying
  • Increased yields
  • Banded with the seed or placed ‘top of furrow’
  • Available in 20 litre, 110 litre & 1000 litre pack sizes
  • No pre-mixing required and mixes easily with water

SST Australia’s Bi-Agra Band is a new generation soil treatment technology designed for no-till and minimum till use in all broadacre crops, including canola, that retains nutrients as well as moisture.

This helps to further improve grain yields on water repellent, non-wetting and poor producing soils. Bi-Agra Bands unique bi-active formulation provides outstanding wetting ensuring uniformity of seed germination, maximizing moisture availability and ensuring good early vigour.

With large areas of broadacre soils considered water repellent, non-wetting or poor performing, this new generation technology offers growers the opportunity for higher crop yields and returns. Bi-Agra Band retains moisture and nutrients around seed and in the plant root zone, whilst improved moisture and nutrient efficiencies result in stronger plant growth and crop yields.

Water repellence develops when there is an accumulation of hydrophobic organic substances in a susceptible soil. Hydrophobic compounds are derived from plant and microbial sources. Sands are more susceptible to developing water repellence than clays as they have a smaller soil surface area that are readily coated by hydrophobic substances. Water repellence results in poor water infiltration, variable soil wetting, increased erosion risk and reduced and delayed crop, pasture and weed establishment.

Broadly the main techniques for diagnosing soil water repellence includes:

  • Poor crop establishment over a number of seasons
  • Persistent dry soil patches after rain
  • Poor infiltration of water into dry topsoils.

Bi-Agra Band is highly beneficial in soils with poor water holding capacity, water repellent hydrophobic soils, sandy soils and sandy gravels.

In contrast to the water penetration provided by previous generation and standard soil wetters, which assist the passage of water through soils, SST Australia’s Bi-Agra Band aids increased moisture and nutrient retention, particularly of highly mobile nutrients including nitrogen, potassium and sulphur around seed and plant root zones. This improves seed germination, crop establishment and growth, resulting in increased grain yields.

Bi-Agra Band comprises a special blend of polymers, surfactants and humectants that bind to soil particles and hold available water and nutrients where they are needed – in plant root zones. Trial measurements have shown it can increase soil moisture levels by up to five times the normal capacity.

Unlike traditional soil wetting agents, Bi-Agra Band will rehydrate non-wetting soils after an extended dry period, giving growers the confidence to sow early or dry.

On 25cm row spacing, Bi-Agra Band is recommended to be applied at 1 to 1.2 litres a hectare with 60l/ha of spray volume, whilst for 30cm row spacings it should be applied at 0.85-1l/ha with 60l/ha of spray volume (refer label for full application rate details).

Trials of Bi-Agra Band, liquid nitrogen and flutriafol applied via a single injection system showed significantly improved seed germination, growth and vigour compared with the conventional application of injecting liquid nitrogen and fungicide in the furrow and a soil wetter behind the press wheel.

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