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Billions of willing workers for horticulture

Soil micro-organisms can be your hardest working and often most forgotten teammates.

Growers have found that encouraging what is available in the soil, introducing and nurturing soil micro-organisms such as beneficial bacteria, can improve yields, quality and crop efficiency.

Around the world leading companies are registering strains of bacillus bacteria to control plant diseases such as yellow sigatoka in bananas, rhizoctonia in potatoes and pineapple disease in sugarcane.

Healthy plants grown in healthy soil have always been more resilient to disease. Beneficial soil micro-organisms help to subdue harmful micro-organism levels reducing the prevalence and impact of plant diseases.  In the rhizosphere, micro-organisms can improve the plant availability of moisture and nutrients.

Bacstim 100 has been used by Australian growers for over six years with trial and commercial use quantifying real value for growers.  When tank mixed with Rhizovator the results are improved and reliability is increased.

Darren Thomas, sales and marketing manager for Omnia says Bacstim and Rhizovator have been successfully used in commercial tree crops, potatoes, sugarcane and vineyards.

“Growers report visual improvements often consolidated with yield and quality gains at harvest.”

graph-showing-comparison-of-yield-in-almond-tress-in riverland-sa
Graph showing comparison of yield increase in almond tress in South Australia’s Riverland.


“Bacstim 100 contains five beneficial bacillus strains and is generally applied at rates of 1 litre per hectare per application.  Once applied to the soil, the bacillus species will multiply when conditions are right, and when conditions are unfavourable they produce spores, ready to get going again when conditions are more favourable,” Darren added.

Rhizovator is a synergistic tank mix partner with Bacstim 100 as it provides food source and biostimulants to beneficial soil microorganisms, including the bacillus species in Bacstim.  The synergy of applying these two products together is powerful and means growers have a better chance of increasing root efficiency in terms of moisture and nutrient uptake.

In a growing number of geographical regions in Australia nutrient use efficiency is becoming highly critical.  Ensuring fertiliser inputs are used efficiently by the crop and not lost to the environment is great for the hip pocket and great for the environment.  Applying Bacstim 100 and Rhizovator can improve nutrient uptake by boosting root growth and making the nutrients readily available to the roots.

“We have two formulations of Rhizovator, both work really well with Bacstim 100.  Rhizovator OB is our original formulation and Rhizovator PC has been formulated with a higher level of biostimulants for when extra root growth is critical,” said Darren.

“With growers becoming increasingly interested in improving soil health, Bacstim 100 and Rhizovator sales are set to grow exponentially.  These products are not silver bullets, they are another important tool in the soil heath toolbox and it’s important to understand how adding these inputs affects a grower’s nutritional program and overall crop management.

“Your Elders agronomist is part of a strong network of experts with information and experience to assist you integrating a soil health program into your current practices”, Darren concluded.

Both Bacstim 100 and Rhizovator are available at your local Elders branch. 

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Article written by Darren Thomas, sales and marketing manager Omnia Specialties Australia for Seasons magazine.