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Capture market opportunities and manage seasonal volatility with the right financial solutions

Editorial written by Elders for the Summer 2020/2021 Seasons Magazine.


Elders offers quick and easy access to invoice funding and cash advances to free up existing working capital bank reserves.

With no establishment costs, growers can set up facilities ahead of time at no cost and be prepared to take advantage of livestock trading opportunities. Facilities can be repaid at any time at no penalty, offering flexible top-up funding.


Livestock purchase trade credit facility

Elders customers can fund commercial livestock purchases of up to $100,000, with 12-month terms, perfect for graziers trade livestock or feedlotting, without tying up your primary source of working capital. The grower receives a trading margin when stock are sold or repay early, with no penalty.



For livestock lending of $100,000 or more, StockCo funds livestock invoices for sheep and cattle in full.

StockCo owns the livestock and the grower has control. Repayment is made through sale proceeds when the stock is sold and the grower receives the trading margin. StockCo also offers customers the flexibility to access a cash advance on stock already purchased.



Whilst fluctuations in the wool market have impacted many growers’ selling schedules, Elders enable customers to unlock the equity in their wool today.Growers can access up to 50 per cent of the expected proceeds of their wool clip in cash, six months prior to sale. The advanced amount plus charges is automatically deducted from future wool sale proceeds.



Elders offers funding of up to $100,000 to purchase stud stock. This includes stud and commercial sires, genetics and stud dams. Repay through future commercial livestock proceeds, with up to nine-month terms.


All facility types are subject to assessment criteria and credit approval. For full terms and conditions please contact your local Elders branch.
*Subject to approval in accordance with StockCo’s eligibility criteria. Finance charges are capitalised monthly. Terms, conditions, fees, charges and credit assessment criteria apply. You should seek advice on the appropriateness of products in relation to your particular circumstances. Products are distributed by Elders Rural Services Australia Limited ACN 004 045 121 and issued by StockCo AgriCapital Pty Limited ACN 604 825 747.

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