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Grass tetany – how to stop the drop

Incidents of grass tetany (hypomagnesaemia) and milk fever (hypocalcaemia) are currently on the rise. “The recent abundant rain, current winter weather and feed conditions are…

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Take five for farm safety week

It’s National Farm Safety week,  so it’s the perfect time to reflect on ways to improve the safety of everyone on your farm. Farmsafe Australia’s…

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Eastern Cattle Market: Are we looking at more records this season?

“How high can this go?” This is the question on every livestock stakeholder’s mind this month as the Eastern Young Cattle Indicator (EYCI) reached 950s…



Warm up for spring stock selling season

A little time in the office during winter can go a long way to ensuring a stress-free spring for producers looking to take advantage of…



Green pick: the awkward transition to winter

A season break signals the start to building the winter feedbase, but the first few weeks of green pick present an awkward time for managing…

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Farmer trades livestock without putting down a dollar

Ray McNamara turns a handy profit trading livestock without being at the market or putting a dollar down. The Elders Camperdown client and wife Cathie…

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Hoof care and managing pain in lame cattle

As the weather continues to cool into winter and change of seasons brings wetter conditions hoof care and managing hoof pain in lame cattle once…

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Dual-active cattle drench – a game-changer for cattle producers

Research has found a dual-active moxidectin and levamisole cattle drench resulted in steers that were 11 kilograms heavier than untreated animals and 8kg heavier over…

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Revolutionary Remote Walk Over Weighing delivers individual animal weights from the paddock

A remote walkover and drafting system has saved the Salter family a labour unit and rewarded the Dalby farmers with low-stress handling and better performance…

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Introducing Pastoral AG and the Hunter River Company

Off the back of trusted relationships forged over time, Elders would like to introduce Pastoral Ag and the Hunter River Company animal health companies. The…

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Multimin Performance Ready Challenge announces 2021 winners

Kicking off in early 2020 and taking place over four individual rounds, over 40 producers have competed in three monthly programs to trial the benefits…

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Livestock market review – northern South Australia

As we approach winter, Elders livestock sales manager (northern) Damien Webb takes a look back on the past year and how the livestock markets have been affected…

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