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The case for investing in the northern Australian cattle industry

The Australian beef industry has been an attractive investment proposition for sophisticated investors for well over a century. The industry and the men and women…

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Green feed problems

Green feed is usually an excellent source of food for your stock, but it can cause problems. Rob Inglis, Elders Livestock Production Manager, Wagga Wagga…

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Seismic shifts in beef, lamb and mutton

A comprehensive analysis of Australia’s red meat market and outlook at the March Elders Presents online event revealed some seismic shifts at and beyond the…

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Make every drop count: managing water for pastoral operations

The move to sustainable grazing often starts with water. From pasture management to production rates, water plays a crucial role in most livestock operations. Rural…

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Ballarat’s Eboni Knights kicks off a career in livestock

Standing high above the pen of stirring cattle, Eboni Knights is at the epicentre of the sale, leaning on the rail alongside the auctioneer as…

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Queensland’s new reef regulations – what you need to know

You’d be hard pressed finding a Queensland farmer who doesn’t love the Great Barrier Reef. It’s a symbol of sorts – grand, beautiful, one of a kind, with an emotional…

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Pre-calving and pre-lambing nutrition for ewes and cows

Now is an important time for breeders to carefully manage nutrition to to ensure less difficulties with lambing/calving, lower mortality rates, and ultimately higher marking…

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Managing cows and ewes during pregnancy

Has there ever been a better time to have breeding stock? Not in my lifetime. Both the cattle herd and sheep flock are in rebuilding…

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Routine check the turning point for cattle station

A meeting to discuss feed tactics proved to be a turning point for a West Australian cattle station. With the property in the grip of severe drought, the station’s owners had called in Thomas Elder…

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Rain + warmth + grass = pests and parasites (win a Polaris)

What a welcome change in the weather patterns that La Nina have brought across most of the country, delivering significant rain events turning the countryside…

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Sustained selenium supplementation in cattle & sheep

Sustained selenium supplementation supports good health, productivity and profitability in cattle and sheep. Many parts of Australia including much of coastal southern Australia and up…

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A persistent alternative to perennial ryegrass

A growing number of graziers from the New England Tablelands to Victoria’s dairy country and across Australia are switching to Hummer tall fescue because it…

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