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Cheers WeatherShield: the formulation you can rely on

With its sophisticated stable WeatherShield formulation, Colin Campbells Chemicals (CCC) brand, Cheers 720 has become one of Australia’s market leaders for chlorothalonil. Chlorothalonil is the…

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The science of choosing snail and slug baits

Snail and slug bait technology has come a long way since the traditional bran-based dry process pellets. In Europe, the need to improve delivery of…

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Orondis® Flexi fungicide proves its worth

The Syngenta GrowMore site, at Bowen, in north Queensland has been trialling Orondis® Flexi, with impressive results. Elders Bowen agronomist, Scott Hudson visited the GrowMore…

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Fertiliser choice helps reduce on-farm carbon emissions

Australian farmers can help to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions simply by electing to use quality nitrate fertilisers that have a known carbon footprint. Globally,…

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New insecticide is the preferred weapon against chewing pests

It has taken little time for a new insecticide to become a preferred rotational partner against chewing pests in brassica as well as leafy and…

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Old ways and new keeping bee industry strong

Third-generation beekeeper Tim Alt has a passion for beekeeping, honey production and the Australian bee industry. His respect for passed down knowledge, combined with the…



A promising debut season for Belanty in Stanthorpe

They’re pretty good judges of the best way to grow healthy, appetising apples in Stanthorpe, in Queensland’s southern downs. After all, it’s home to the…

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Billions of willing workers for horticulture

Soil micro-organisms can be your hardest working and often most forgotten teammates. Growers have found that encouraging what is available in the soil, introducing and…

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Newer almond fungicides show strength amid product restrictions

Growing restrictions on the use of some traditional fungicides is shining a light on newer fungicides that also provide benefits around handling and compatibility with…

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It’s easy to go DRY in your orchard and plantation

Sometimes when faced with the decision between two products that will get the job done you need to choose the one that makes life easy.…

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Tackling environmental stress for your best pollination and yield

Once a seed is planted, environmental factors can start to reduce its full potential by up to 70 per cent. These environmental stresses can include…

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Food safety standards from farm to table

Food safety is a matter of highest concern for consumers as well as all the participants in the supply chain. Consumers do not just want…