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Gallagher Animal Performance helps track animal performance

In January, Gallagher released the latest addition to their growing suite of technology solutions – Gallagher Animal Performance. Designed to provide customers with meaningful animal…

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Improve results through planning

In most winter crop growing regions in Australia, farmers are working on putting another bumper crop in the books, with the last of the spring…

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Elders partner with SWAN Systems to deliver all-in-one monitoring

As irrigation becomes front of mind for in many parts of the country, it’s a timely reminder of the importance of technology for managing soil…

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Distance no barrier to innovation at Brigodoon Cattle Company

On Australia’s remote outback cattle stations, water is life. So when Bob and Andrea Speed from Brigodoon Cattle Company found a new way to address…

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Thorpe Farm, for Australian agriculture

Will Bignell is one of a new generation of farmers, focused on mindful management of both time and resources. He’s the seventh generation to run Thorpe Farm near Bothwell in…

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New AgIntel eye in the sky allows variable gypsum and lime spreading

The red soils on Russell and Tyson Moloney’s Oaklands farm need up to four times more lime than his black soils and now new technology…

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Make June count: invest in the next season’s efficiency with AgTech

The results are in. Australia is set for a bumper winter cropping yield, with research division ABARES reporting anticipated yields 13 per cent above the…

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Elders cuts out the carbon farming middleman

Agribusiness Elders is launching a carbon farming service it says puts the emphasis firmly on farm productivity while cutting out middlemen who normally take a…

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How to make stylo a weight-gain star

The right choice of legume can add a vital extra 20 to 30kg liveweight gain a year to store cattle, making the difference between achieving…

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Lamb survival and dystocia

Lamb survival is a hot topic among producers and researchers alike. Elders livestock production advisor Emma Shattock has the latest on how to lift lamb survival rates. Research…

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Queensland’s new reef regulations – what you need to know

You’d be hard pressed finding a Queensland farmer who doesn’t love the Great Barrier Reef. It’s a symbol of sorts – grand, beautiful, one of a kind, with an emotional…

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Gold the new standard for wheat

Commercially available for the first time this season, a new variety of wheat, Gold, is wowing agronomists with its yields, protein, low screenings and resilience.…

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