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Elders Presents

Cotton industry hears from AgTech experts as part of the Elders Presents series

Producers, industry and researchers joined Thomas Elder Consulting (TEC) and other technical experts from across the cotton industry for the third Elders Presents live webinar series, focusing discussions on AgTech for cotton production.

Joining the panel was Simon Foley from Agworld, Emma Ayliffe and Heath McWhirter from Summit Ag, Tom Dowling from Goanna Ag and Professor Brajesh Singh from the Global Centre for Land-Based Innovation at Western Sydney University. Topics of discussion centered around the increase in data access and data integration, lack of connectivity as well as consumer expectations around sustainability.

All speakers addressed how the cotton industry and producers can use collected data to scale and integrate with their existing solutions to make better on-farm decisions at the right times.  Elders’ Head of Technical Services Graham Page highlighted the most valuable AgTech innovators are those providing consistent advice to the cotton industry with data to back it.

A major issue affecting all producers is greater data collection but a lack of connectivity. AgWorld and Summit Ag both discussed solutions which help manage these issues, particularly in relation to communication and networking across large distances. Summit Ag’s platform, Yacker, addresses the challenge of communicating and networking across large distances, aiming to bring providers more closely together to help problem solve and collaborate.

Growing consumer expectations for sustainable farming are driving significant growth in this area of AgTech. Professor Brajesh Singh, who presented on sustainable farming practices for positive impacts on soil, noted that “whether looking at soil structure from an environmental impact perspective to sustainable farming practices with regards to irrigation cycles, we are working with producers, industry and research bodies to support sustainability within the cotton industry.”

Elders Presents series will continue throughout 2020, bringing agricultural producers greater access to information to support on-farm decision making from some of the industry’s leading minds. To stay across the next event follow us on Twitter for updates.

To watch the Agtech in Cotton event click below.

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