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Cyclone N Sure gates – an impressive list of features!

Editorial written by Cyclone for the Summer 2020/2021 Seasons Magazine.


The N-Sure gate range is no newcomer to the Cyclone range and its popularity as an all-round gate for most farm applications continues to rise.

The 25NB hot-dipped galvanised pipe, inside and outs, delivers class-leading gate-frame corrosion protection.

The graduated mesh spacing is close from the ground up and increases to a maximum of 100 millimetres at the top of the gate, delivering security where it’s needed and material cost savings with fewer vertical pickets.


Because gate sag can be a problem for other gate suppliers, Cyclone has added steel gussets to the top and bottom which adds greater vertical load carrying capacity at the free-swinging end of the gate.

The N-Sure also has the widest range of widths & heights to suit almost any application – from 8 foot (2.37m) to 20’ (6.07m) wide & 1.17m, 1.5m or 1.8m heights.

“From large-scale properties to lifestyle blocks, the N-Sure gate is designed for the needs of all farmers.”, Andrew Thoms, Cyclone national sales manager.

For more information on Cyclone N-sure gates, gate fittings or any other gate products in the range, visit or call Cyclone customer service 1800 199 450.

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