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Cyclone N Sure have an impressive list of features

With a successful harvest behind us, many growers are wisely using extra capital to reinvest in upgrading their fencing and gates.

The N-Sure gate is no newcomer to the Cyclone range and its popularity as an all-round gate for most farm applications continues to rise.

Over its lifetime the gate has gone through several changes, adding new features that help you get the most out of your gates.

Andrew Dickinson, National Sales Manager for Cyclone, said the patented design of the N-sure gate makes it a unique and a strong multi-purpose gate.

“The top and bottom gussets are distinctive to Cyclone, and only found on N-sure gates.
Andrew Dickinson, Cyclone.

The N-sure gate is constructed of 25NB pipe – which is both galvanised inside and outside the pipe, delivering class leading gate frame corrosion protection.

Cyclone N-sure gates have a welded mesh insert with graduated spacing.  This means it has increased density of strands in the lower part of the gate to keep smaller animals in or out. The strands increase to a maximum of 100 mm at the top of the gate, delivering security where it is needed, while also saving material costs.

The distinctive plate steel gussets add vertical load carrying capacity at the free-swinging end of the gate, so it is less likely to sag over time, which can happen with other gate suppliers.

The N-Sure also has a wide range of widths and heights to suit almost any application – from 8 foot (2.37 m) to 20 foot (6.07 m) wide and 1.17 metre, 1.5 m or 1.8 m heights.

Article written by Cyclone for Seasons magazine. 

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