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Cyclone troughs – A better performing trough!

Cyclone prides themselves on providing its customers with affordable, quality steel products. Cyclone troughs are a better performing trough especially when compared to poly or concrete. Cyclone steel troughs can be used as both a permanent (like concrete) and temporary (like poly troughs) depending on your needs.

The hot dipped galvanised steel troughs are built tough, while also being significantly more light weight and portable than concrete troughs. This steel design also prevents common issues such as cracking and puncturing which can often occur with conventional troughs. Steel is also a superior thermal conductor compared to both poly and concrete troughs allowing water to cool a lot quicker at the end of the day.

Cyclone troughs also have hot dipped galvanised removable feet, these feet can be attached and removed to suit your needs. If used these feet allow the trough to sit above ground level allowing air to flow around the trough. This airflow allows the water in the trough to stay cooler which is perfect for hot days. When attached these feet can also make installation and levelling easier with less ground preparation requirements. Peg down points in the feet can also assist with anchoring down the trough.

Cyclone troughs also feature a 4.5” bung, this allows for quick and efficient water removal, making cleaning a breeze. The trough also has a steel valve cover, this cover prevents valve damage by livestock while also giving you easy access to adjust the float.

Cyclone troughs are available in a range of sizes to suit your needs. Standard troughs are available in sizes ranging from 2m with 210L capacity to 5m with 535L capacity, and are ideal for sheep. Cyclones supa trough range is larger and deeper and can hold more water or feed, and are ideal for cattle. The supa troughs are available in sizes ranging from 2m with 390L capacity to 5.8M with 1140L capacity.

Cyclone troughs are available now, visit your local Cyclone stockist to get a better trough on your farm today! For more information visit or call 1800 199 450.

Article written by Cyclone for the Autumn 2021 edition of Seasons Magazine.

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