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Ease of use proving point of difference in preventative strategy against pests

Western Australian broadacre farmer Dustin Fry has honed in on pest control to establish the most promising winter crops, proving the value in a strong preventative strategy early on for maximum protection.

With the assistance of his Elders agronomist Joe Delaney, Dustin treats 800 Ha of canola post-sowing pre-emergent at his Dalwallinu operation each April, targeting Redlegged Earth mite, Bryobia mite and Lucerne flea.

Based at Elders Dalwallinu, Joe explains that their approach ensures that canola won’t be attacked in the immediate future and also helps reduce resistance that could be a problem later on.

“Pyrinex Super helps in the fight against synthetic pyrethroid resistance which is increasing in the insects we are targeting. We are lucky that resistance hasn’t reached high levels in this area, so using this particular chemical helps prevent resistant populations being produced in the future,” he said.

As well as solid protection Dustin says that Pyrinex Super has a major advantage in that it has dual modes of action and provided good control with the best coverage.

“It was very easy to use and there was no issue with mixing or pouring,” Mr Fry said.

“Having the two insecticides in the one drum meant that I could fill the boom sprayer quickly and easily which aids greatly when you need to get on with spraying. It also uses a closed easy-pour system with a low incidence of spillage which is important especially when using insecticides,” he said.

“Control was achieved with some good residual protection, which was enough for the canola to get out of the ground and start growing away from any insect damage early, which lead to less bare patches in the paddock,” he said.

“With Joe’s assistance we’ve had a better result than what I’ve seen from the standard treatment for Canola – we’ve been able to establish a new benchmark in knockdown control and residual protection.”

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