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Elders adds to digital offering with new Grain App

In addition to the Elders Weather and Red Notebook Apps, Elders has increased its digital offering with the introduction of a new App for grain growers.

Historically, Elders has delivered grain price updates to clients via text messaging which can often take a significant amount of time to reach recipients. The new Elders Grain App delivers price updates instantly through push notifications following registration, and is set to overtake the old process and eliminate text messaging.

Elders General Manager Agency, David Adamson says the Elders Grain App is an obvious solution to provide clients with pricing on the spot.

“Elders’ grain platform has been recently reintroduced to the business and it makes sense to accompany the platform with an app for growers to receive up to date pricing and contract their grain efficiently,” he said.

With a wide range of partner relationships in the international grain market as well as domestic end users, Elders enables growers to contract grain for maximum effect in a time sensitive commodity environment.

“As Elders enters the third year of the Eight Point Plan, it is evident that our priority has shifted towards the growth of agricultural digital innovation to benefit our clients and their businesses,” Mr Adamson explained.

The Elders Grain App is available to download on the App Store and Google Play, simply search Elders Grain.

Visit the Elders Grain Page for more information.