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Elders and B&W Rural strengthen support for Australian cotton farmers

Elders, along with B&W Rural, have reinforced their commitment to the sustainability of the cotton industry, with investment in the 2022 Australian Cotton Conference.

Collectively, they are committed to supporting the cotton industry and extending their services in existing and emerging prime cotton growing regions in the country.

Peter Birch needs no introduction to the cotton industry and has been a leader in his field under the B&W Rural banner for decades.

As part of this year’s conference, Peter will lead a panel session on increasing productivity of rain grown cotton which will consist of private consultants, CSIRO and industry technology providers.

“We have a good mix of speakers for this really important session which will address innovations towards achieving better outcomes for the dryland component of our cotton industry and I am pleased to contribute to the industry by leading such an important topic,” says Peter.

Cotton outlook

Australia’s cotton production has continued to rise which is one of the reasons why Elders have continued to invest in this space.

Globally, higher carry-over stocks and a reduction in imports in 2021-22 have been partially offset by lower production volumes, which until recently had kept prices steady at historic highs. Inventory sell offs and new season prices caused world cotton prices to plummet late in June, holding at a similar level to this time last year.

Global production in 2022-23 is forecast to decrease by 1.2 million bales to just over 120 million bales with a marked decline in the US crop. Usage is forecast to decline by 1.6 million bales, and ending stocks are forecast to increase by 1.5 million bales. Imports and exports are tipped to decrease by 1.1 million bales each. On balance, if these forecasts by the USDA are correct, cotton prices will likely ease across the 2022-23 season. However, the decline could be tempered by further declines in US production, boding well for Australian cotton demand.

World cotton prices have corrected for the new season at a similar level to this time last year. Data: NYME, USDA.


Consistent improvement

Australian farmers have improved sustainability across the industry through water saving measures and the use of ag technologies, while increasing production year on year.

Elders and B&W Rural specialists are aiming to support this change through their involvement in ag tech research and advice, alongside trusted agronomy services, to further support this improvement in sustainability.

Elders Queensland Technical Services Manager, Maree Crawford, has been leading this development which has included a heightened focus on capability and capacity through training, the appointment of new agronomists in key locations and partnering with suppliers of new technology and crop enhancement inputs in our research sites and through on-farm demonstration trials.

“It is vital that our advisors are equipped with the knowledge to support our clients and the industry towards sustainable productivity especially in the new ag tech and new technology segments.

“Through our partnerships with research and development and ag tech companies, our staff have been able to develop and extend their knowledge of the latest soil and water management practices and new cropping technology solutions that incorporate conventional and biological approaches key to improving Australian cotton production.

“We want to make sure farmers can not only view the latest products and services, but fully understand how they can put these technologies into practice at the farm level.

“That’s where Elders and B&W Rural create the greatest value for our clients. We take the cutting edge of agriculture research and make sure it can be practically used on-farm, every day.”

The conference is set to be held at the Gold Coast Convention Centre from 16 to 18 August 2022, and Elders and B&W Rural will be speaking face-to-face with farmers about their goals for sustainability and growth in the upcoming seasons.

Attending the 2022 Australian Cotton Conference?

Don’t forget to stop by the Elders and B&W Rural site (number 218) to meet our team.