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Elders and SWAN partner to deliver data-driven results

Elders has announced a partnership with SWAN Systems, a state-of-the-art, web based, water and nutrient management platform designed to help farmers better manage their resources. The partnership extends Elders’ commitment to adopting the latest technology to maximise farm efficiency and profitability.

SWAN Systems is a market leader in water and nutritional management software. The software integrates with existing farm sensors, such as flow meters, soil moisture probes and weather stations, to provide accurate information about future irrigation needs relevant to the unique characteristics of any given site.

Leading the partnership with SWAN, and its on-the-ground integration, is Elders’ horticulture agronomist Noel Jansz, an advocate for the increasingly important role ag-tech plays in farmers’ day-to-day operations.

“Adopting and embracing the latest in agricultural technology is crucial in modern farming – if you’re not basing your decisions on the best possible data, you are simply not going to fulfill your farm’s operational potential.

We are thrilled to be able to partner with SWAN Systems as they consistently provide the best and most reliable data for farmers,” Mr Jansz said.

According to Mr Jansz, the partnership with SWAN Systems will be particularly beneficial for improvement when it comes to water use on-farm. Although water management is prioritised in times of drought or water-shortage, the value of a tailored irrigation plan is just as important for farm output when water is in abundance.

“Irrigation remains one of the most underutilised tools we have in horticulture. Gone are the days where we just throw some water on at certain times. If you’re not analysing temperatures, evaporation and crop growth factors, you are simply not allowing yourself to maximise the quality and quantity of your yields,” Mr Jansz said.

However, having the right data is only one part of the farming equation, and Elders agronomists remain committed to helping their clients understand, interpret and action the data provided by SWAN Systems.

“Farmers are increasingly time-poor and often cannot afford to spend their day poring over data. Working with Elders and SWAN should give farmers the confidence that they are not only getting access to the best quality data available, but also the support and knowhow to turn that data into profitable results,” said Mr Jansz.

SWAN Systems CEO and Founding Director Tim Hyde says the opportunity to partner with Elders will help farmers derive maximum value from their current monitoring systems, allowing them to streamline management decisions, save resources such as water, energy and time, protect their soil and ultimately improve the quality of their yields.

“We are delighted to be able to partner with one of Australia’s oldest and most respected agriculture businesses,” Mr Hyde said.

“We have great confidence in the quality of data our systems produce and, when placed in the hands of agronomists with industry leading experience and know-how, it will go a long way to ensuring farmers extract maximum value from their operations.

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