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Elders judges and breeder gather around the champion sheep

Elders at Queensland State Sheep Show

After a full day of Merino sheep and wool judging, the dust has settled on the 2021 Queensland State Sheep Show held in Longreach today.

The event attracted entries from over 24 growers.

Team Meeting: Toowoomba-based district wool manager Peter Sealy catches up with Bruce McLeish (QLD State Wool Manager) and Duncan Ferguson (QLD Merino Production Specialist) at the Longreach Show.

Presenting awards on behalf of Elders was state wool manger Bruce McLeish, who says today’s show was a success for the local community and the wider Queensland sheep and wool industry.

“The Longreach Show committee has to be congratulated on presenting such an excellent example of sheep and wool to all visitors who have travelled to this event.” Mr McLeish said.

“The display of stud rams, fleeces and flock sheep is a credit to them, as well as the producers who have gone to the trouble to present them here today,

“The quality and the depth of the rams and the fleeces displayed today should be noted,

“It is a good as you would see at any regional show in Australia.”

Elders merino production specialist Duncan Ferguson counting up the final results for the State Sheep Show.

Assisting with the judging was Elders merino production specialist Duncan Ferguson, who says he is is pleased to see the development of the Queensland merino breed on show today.

“I’ve been involved in the stud breeding industry for over 42 years, and I have to say that the State Sheep Show here in Longreach today is an absolute credit to the Queensland Merino Stud Sheepbreeders Association, as well as the Longreach Show Society.” Mr Ferguson said.

“The standard of the stud sheep here today was extremely high and a credit to the woolgrowers.

“I believe that the Queensland stud sheep industry has come a long way in the last 10 years, and with Queensland stud sheepbreeders continuing to bring their sheep forward with AI and ET programs, they have access to great potential to continue that improvement.

“It is encouraging to see the QMSSA leading the way for our commercial breeders in Queensland.”

“I would like to congratulate everyone who was involved in the Queensland State Sheep Show for 2021.”

Elders wool and local Longreach branch together for the 2021 QLD State Sheep Show

Local branch manager Tim Salter, who was on-hand to judge the Trade Sheep Section, says that the caliber of ewes and wethers presented in the commercial lots were a positive sight.

“Visitors and judges should be really impressed with the quality of the sheep on show today.” Mr Salter said.

“We have seen significant numbers of commercial sheep traded both in and out of this district in recent months, and the quality here today should give judges an indication of the standard producers are working towards, despite the dry conditions.

“Out here, the quality and scale of commercial Merino wool production is something to be proud of.”


For more updates from the Queensland State Sheep Show, check out our videos with the judges on our Twitter feed.

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