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Elders’ barley varieties move closer to commercial malting

Elders are pleased to announce the company’s newest barley varieties, Maltstar and Alestar, have been approved by Barley Australia to enter next level of evaluation.

This approval comes following consideration by the Malting and Brewing Industry Barley Technical Committee (MBIBTC) who have deemed the varieties to have genetic viability and commercial potential.

As a result, both Maltstar and Alestar are will be progressing through full accreditation which is achieved after a second season’s successful evaluation results have been examined and approved by the Australian barley industry’s technical evaluation panel.

Maltstar barley is a Western variety, developed for the Western Australian climate and conditions, with excellent head resistance, straw strength and disease resistance. Alestar is suited to Eastern Australia, thriving in Victoria with medium maturity, good resistance characteristics and high yield.

The acceptance of these varieties into the evaluation period is an important step and focus of Elders’ Plant Genetics program which has been dedicated to the development of barley and wheat varieties for a number of years.

Elders’ senior supplier relationship manager for plant genetics Chris Willis, says that the acceptance is an important acknowledgement of the commercial viability of the new varieties for Elders’ clients.

“We’re extremely pleased to have gained this step after substantial investment into these two new varieties,” says Mr Willis.

“To offer greater barley genetic profiles to our clients and be on track to receive industry backed accreditation within the next few years, is an exciting development,” he says.

“We have a major focus on being leaders in the field of technical services through innovation, and the success of our plant genetics program is a testament to this.”


To view tech notes or learn more about Alestar and Maltstar barley visit Elders Plant Genetics


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