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Elders decommissions apps

As technology evolves, so do the needs of our farming customers. Elders’ priority is to provide solutions and agricultural advice that drives productivity and profitability for customers. This means assessing the use and value of the platforms we provide, to ensure they deliver value for users.

In response to this, Elders has decided to decommission the Elders Smart Farmer app and Elders Grain app. While the Smart Farmer app and Grain app have assisted Elders to develop an approach to agricultural technology (AgTech), our effort must remain on activity and solutions that provide value now and into the future.

Elders is focused on delivering value to customers through our research and development initiatives and partnerships.

Elders will continue to support the development and commercialisation of emerging technologies within the agricultural industry, through partnerships with AgTech providers and our research and development through the Thomas Elder Institute, delivered as premium agriculture advisory services through Thomas Elder Consulting.

Elders is bringing research to the farm gate

with the Thomas Elder Institute

Some of Elders’ current AgTech partners:

Farm management
On-farm connectivity, sensors and monitoring
Irrigation and nutrient management
Remote sensing and monitoring
Weighing system

Alternate platforms to access data to support on-farm decisions:


Clear Grain Exchange

Label and Safety Data Sheets

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Market Prices

Meat and Livestock Australia

Spray Forecast

Syngenta Weather

Sheep Risk Alert


Satellite NDVI

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