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Elders encourages next gen at SA Sheep Expo

Almost 70 young participants from across SA, Vic and NSW attended the SA Sheep Expo last week held at the Adelaide Showground. Elders were a major partner in the event and held the wool preparation and assessment training, as well as auctioneering sessions.

The SA Sheep Expo is a three day program which includes hands-on sessions, demonstrations and presentations from industry leading experts. Wool and meat facets of the sheep industry are covered in the program which provides participants with a broad range of information, technical skills and future advice.

Elders’ national livestock manager, Chris Howie says, “our involvement in these industry events engaging children and young adults is a key part of our business. Not only does it allow us to show the expertise held within the agency business, it broadens the career path opportunity mindset within the target group.”

“It was amazing to see the undivided attention from participants in the auctioneering training, they were genuinely interested in what was being discussed. The key discussion was not how to be an auctioneer, but what to do as a bidder. The conversation around this relatively complex task was excellent,” he explained.

Mr Howie credited the committee who had organised for participants to have their name tags on front and back.

“It allowed us to engage the youngster in conversation by name. Many of them were surprised we remembered them and asked questions – knowing their name was all important,” Mr Howie said.

Elders’ district wool manager, Trevor Smith ran the wool preparation and assessment training sessions alongside colleagues Rodger Lorraine and Marty Kay.

“I received very positive feedback about our session. Being involved in training the next generation positions Elders at the forefront of the wool industry and helps younger people to develop their skills,” Mr Smith said.

Tess Runting, winner of the SA Sheep Expo, expressed gratitude on Facebook towards Elders for sponsoring the Expo.

“Overall it was an incredible experience, I learnt so much and can’t wait to bring it all back, and implement the things I learnt at home,” she said.