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Elders Financial Planning look to the future in Victoria

Elders Financial Planning have initiated a series of unique seminars in Victoria and the Riverina for Elders clients interested in learning more about planning for their future.

The seminars cover the important topics of Farm Succession, Estate Planning, Retirement income, Centrelink benefits and Aged Care. Speakers include Elders Financial Planning Advisers, a Senior Lawyer from Equity Trustees and Elders Agri-Finance Managers.

General manager of Elders financial services, Liz Ryan said that the initiative came off the back of increasing demand for farm succession planning within Australia.

“Farm succession is a major issue for Australia and has become more challenging for families following the significant increase in many property values,” says Mr Ryan.

“Who gets the farm and how a transfer can be achieved with equality and in a harmonious manner is top of mind for most farming families,” she says.

“The Elders seminar series hopes to provide our clients with the appropriate tools and strategies to open up communication within their family and assist them to take action, rather than putting it in the ‘too hard basket’,” says Mr Ryan.

This program is an excellent example of the strength of collaboration across the Elders network and the benefits of an integrated approach to agri-business where clients can access products that assist in running all elements of their business.

Elders state practice manager – Victoria, John McCormack says that Elders’ Financial Planning business is a major value-add for clients regardless of what area of the business they normally engage in.

“Farming is such a diverse business in itself that financial services is a logical fit and a massive benefit for our clients,” says Mr McCormack.

“We’ve found that many of our clients are in need of quality financial services, particularly when it comes to planning retirement and successions of the property, and the innate understanding that we have of the farming landscape gives a new depth to the information we can provide.

“For us, it’s about engaging clients in ways they haven’t previously – whether that’s helping a livestock client with their estate planning, or a seed buyer with advice on the state of their mortgage,” he says.

To date, successful seminars have been conducted in Ballarat and Bairnsdale with a further four scheduled. The most recent at Bairnsdale on 28 February addressed an audience of fifty-four Elders clients, many of whom travelled long distances to attend.

Mr McCormack says that the seminars are unique to the industry, at least in his area, and are giving people an opportunity to access more information in a relaxed environment, making what can be difficult conversations and a complicated process, into something much more achievable and well-managed.

“We designed these seminars with the clients in mind, asking for feedback to improve, and have been receiving great feedback so far,” says Mr McCormack.

“It reflects the focus that Elders is about building a long-term sustainable and rewarding relationship-based business rather than client relations that are purely one event transactions.”

Elders Financial Services are a growing offering, finding value in being able to leverage the strength of an Elders structure as an integrated agribusiness to continue to add value to current and new clients.

The next events in the Elders Seminar Series include:

  • St Arnaud – 9 May
  • Bendigo – May or June, TBC
  • Albury – August
  • Yarrawonga – TBC

For more information or to register for these events, contact your local Elders agri-finance manager or branch.

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