Elders Kingston wins national livestock awards - Elders Rural Services

Elders Kingston wins national livestock awards

Kingston’s local Elders branch has been recognised as Australia’s number one agent of sheep and cattle for 2012/13 with online rural service provider AuctionsPlus.

Elders’ Kingston branch took out the overall award for trading the largest volume of sheep and cattle with the online auction system, as well as the award for trading the largest volume of cattle, alone.

Elders Kingston branch manager Greg Cobiac said as long-term supporters of AuctionsPlus it was a great achievement to be recognized as Australia’s number one user.

“These awards really demonstrate our ability to support clients in marketing their livestock through a variety of markets, including the popular online system, AuctionsPlus,” Mr Cobiac said.

“We are focused on delivering a high level of service to our clients, and the AuctionsPlus system is often an effective method that meets our client’s needs,” he said.

Elders Kingston listed 6,500 cattle and 35,000 sheep on AuctionsPlus, throughout the twelve months. These numbers were boosted by six cattle sales and three sheep sales from Watervalley station, as well as regular AuctionsPlus Kingston producers. All stock was sold to repeat and first time users of AuctionsPlus.

AuctionsPlus general manager Gary Dick, said the national awards reflect the excellent performance of the Kingston team throughout the year.

“The Board of AuctionsPlus provide national awards to the best performing agents as a way of recognising their support throughout the year,” Mr Dick said.

“The Elders Kingston branch has been a strong supporter of AuctionsPlus since its inception over 25 years ago, so it is great to be able to reward them for their efforts,” he said.

Elders recognises local Kingston AuctionsPlus vendors, AuctionsPlus staff as well as AuctionsPlus level one assessor Peter Rollason for their ongoing support.