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Elders Presents

Elders launches virtual series to cater for cancelled field days

Elders’ Technical Services division has jumped on the movement to digital platforms substituting in-person events like field days and conferences, with the Elders Presents series.

On Thursday 21 May, Elders Head of Technical Services Graham Page presented the first AgTech webinar, which focused on some important new technologies and practices that are changing the way producers use data and run their operations.

Over 180 attendees took part from across the country, with key speakers including Bill Mitchell from Optiweigh, Emily Mellor from PIRSA, Nick Bradley from Farmbot, Will Bruce from Agriwebb, Bruce Creek from Thomas Elders Consulting, and Michael Wilkes from Thomas Elder Institute.

Elders’ Head of Technical Services, Graham Page, says the event showcased some of the newest and best AgTech innovations emerging in what can be a very cluttered space.

“The amount of AgTech products and information on the market is huge. At times, it can be overwhelming for producers who are trying to figure out what to use and how to integrate it with their existing systems,” said Mr Page.

“The purpose of this virtual series was really to open up conversation about a couple of platforms that we find really valuable and that have been properly tested and used in commercial settings to prove their value,” he said.

“It doesn’t replace the face to face field days that we hold around the country, but we really hope that these kinds of events make information more accessible for producers and allow them to keep learning about evolving farming practices in spite of the practical challenges posed by the pandemic.”

The Elders Presents series will continue Thursday 25th June with a focus on AgTech in Horticulture. More information on this event and a full schedule of events is coming soon.

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