Elders Mildura’s Ross Price gets thumbs up for safety initiatives - Elders Rural Services

Elders Mildura’s Ross Price gets thumbs up for safety initiatives

Elders Mildura’s branch manager and agri finance manager, Ross Price has added another title to his name, winning the monthly One Elders safety award for a number of initiatives he established to ensure the wellbeing of his team.

As a member of the NSW Elders Safety Action Team Mr Price is particularly conscious of ways to ensure that all branch employees are taken care whether in or out of the office. He initiated a “thumbs up” text system for his team members to send at the end of the day if they aren’t in town.

Mr Price says that he was concerned for the safety of his people and this was the easiest and fastest way he could think of to make sure he had peace of mind and they were safely at home.

“Our zone general manager, Malcolm Hunt is a big advocate for safe workplaces and I remember him always saying that it’s our responsibility as branch managers to ensure we know where our team members are at all times,” says Mr Price.

“I’ve had really good pick up from the initiative – everyone understands that travelling long distances is a risk of the job and this hopefully mitigates some of that risk,” he says.

Mr Price has also been responsible for bringing in “healthy choice” options, offering fruit as an option instead of biscuits, always keeping bottles of water on hand for employees on the run, and arranging flu shot vouchers.

“I’m not forcing anyone to take up these offers, nobody is pressured, but the offer is there for them to make the choice and prioritise their diet and wellness,” says Mr Price.

“Choosing to operate safely and take care of our well-being shouldn’t be difficult – there are always little things that can make a difference in the long run,” he says.

Elders’ general manager – south, Malcolm Hunt says that Mr Price’s initiatives show strong leadership and set a good example for how to think outside of the square when it comes to the wellbeing of the people around you.

“Ross’ thumbs up text initiative is a simple yet innovative approach that closes the loop on the white board system, ensures the safety of his team, and sends the message to his team that safety is always the priority,” says Mr Hunt.

“Being able to find a solution and being driven enough to make it happen is fantastic and something we really try to foster within our network,” he says.

In recognition of his award within the business, Mr Price will be invited to attend the annual One Elders awards night in December with the opportunity to win the overall safety performance award for 2017.