Elders most trusted agribusiness brand for second year running - Elders Rural Services

Elders most trusted agribusiness brand for second year running

Elders are pleased to announce being voted the number one most trusted agribusiness brand among rural Australians in the Roy Morgan Agribusiness Brand Trust Survey.

The study, conducted in July 20211, ranked Elders and other key agribusiness brands on Net Trust/Distrust and provided insights into the drivers of these metrics.

CEO Mark Allison says that the results are welcome reassurance that the company is maintaining strong relationships with farmers and farming communities.

“Being most trusted agribusiness is an important indicator for us that we are doing the right things on the ground with our clients, and at a corporate level that we are instilling a strong and healthy culture throughout the company,” says Mr Allison.

“Trust is the foundation of our business and it isn’t built overnight.”

Mr Allison says that this foundation is based around four pillars; community, people, experience and sustainability.

“In practice these pillars look like representation and support for local communities, employing and developing the finest people to embody our brand and assist our clients, using our experience to provide the best products and advice, and investing in sustainable, future-focused industry practices and solutions.”

On receiving the results, Mr Allison says it is an encouragement everyone within the business that they are on the right track.

“It’s through methodical and consistent commitment to our promises that we have been able to maintain trust with our stakeholders. Receiving these results reassure us that we are directing our energy in the right way and is a proud moment for us.”

Elders Head of Marketing and Communications Stephanie Larkin says that strong brand recognition is helpful, but achieving trust is a much more complex and valuable goal.

“We have strong brand recognition because we are an old brand with points of presence right across the country. Most regional and rural communities will know Elders; that isn’t our challenge,” she says.

“Our task is to ensure that we have positive interactions with these communities – from the local sponsorships and fundraising initiatives, clubs and organisations that we help to support, right through to making sure the work we do for our clients provides maximum value to them.”

“If farmers can trust us with their business and their livelihood, we’re doing our job.”

The results of the trust survey coincide with the launch of Elders for Australian agriculture campaign which tells the stories of producers around the country and their contributions to the industry.

“The campaign features clients and staff from across the country, with different communities, industries and challenges,” says Ms Larkin.

“The connecting factor is their commitment to a vibrant, sustainable agriculture industry. A commitment that Elders shares with them.”

Elders for Australian agriculture will be aired on national and local television from 2 August. Unique producer stories will be shared on the Elders website and social media channels.

1 Based on unprompted trust and distrust scores, Elders was the number 1 most trusted Agribusiness brand among regional Australians in the Roy Morgan Agribusiness Brand Trust Survey, July 2021.
Base: Total Respondents. Weighted results. n=1,102, Note: Brands only with 20+ mentions were included.