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Elders National Shedding Breeds Ewe Sale

Shedding sheep are fast becoming one of the most in-demand classes of sheep in Australia according to data from AuctionsPlus.

Sales data on the 2020-21 year highlights a 131 per cent (pc) increase in the number of shedding ewes sold on the platform and a 45pc increase in the number of shedding lambs. Learn more in our recent article.

On paper, demand for shedding sheep appears to be outstripping supply offering a premium for breeding stock.

Long term confidence in the future returns from meat sheep is amplified in the current market scenario whereby feed stocks are high, and the price for lamb remains at a favourable level.

Your chance to purchase

On 18 October the Elders National Shedding Breeds Ewe Sale will take place on AuctionsPlus. There are over 3,000 future breeder ewe lambs and hoggets on offer from across Western Australia, including 350 black tag dorper ewes.

Elders livestock manager for Western Australia, Mike Curnick, took the time to explain the popularity of shedding sheep, recent price rises and what could be expected from the online sale on Monday.

“Shedding sheep have been popular with mixed cropping farmers for a number of years due to their convenience in terms of not needing to shear,” he explained.

“In recent years, they have gained popularity with more traditional meat producing farms as well.

“The rise in price, particularly in 2021 is reflective of the level of demand relative to tight supply. It’s a trend we expect to continue, and Monday’s sale will be no exception.

“We have multiple lots of quality ewes to sell on Monday which include Dorper and Ultra White breeds perfect for starting a shedding flock or building existing numbers.”

Buyers can view the individual lots on AuctionsPlus, with the auction commencing at 4:00 pm (AEST) 18 October.

For more information email Mike Curnick.

Header image courtesy of Farm Weekly.

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