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Elders -leading provider of potato varieties to Australian market

Editorial written by Richard Haynes, Key Account Manager, Elders for the Summer 2020/2021 Seasons Magazine.


Varieties need to make growing easier and more cost effective for the grower, while delivering benefits to the processor, packing shed, supermarket and ultimately the consumer.

Elders does not have any varieties that are genetically modified. All are conventionally bred and there‘s likely to have been 10 to 15 years’ worth of trialling before you get a chance to taste-test one through McDonalds or Woolworths.

At any one time, Elders is trialling up to 10 varieties across Australia, aiming to unearth one or two varieties that create a real point of difference each year.

Elders brought Nadine, the first PBR potato variety, to the Australian market over 20 years ago and , more recently, varieties such as Kestrel (the one with the purple eye) and Daisy (the home chipper).

Allora, La Strada and Kingsman are among the new varieties undergoing Elders testing. With a bright skin finish and light creamy-coloured flesh, we consider Allora to be the new Nicola tasting potato. La Strada, which will be available next year, will be the fastest growing variety in Australia with the lowest number of carbohydrates per 100 grams available. This is a game changer uses less water and less fertiliser, bringing a new level of environmental and health benefits before it hits the supermarket shelf.

Kingsman is a good-looking multi-purpose potato, suitable for making chips at home, while also great as a roast or hasselback potato. This also is proving to have over 5000 milligrams a kilogram of potassium, which is extremely high given that average daily requirements are 3500-4700mg/kg.

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