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Elders pulls grain stalwart to WA

After 18 years working as a grain marketer in the Australian Grain Industry, Michael Wallace was seeking a change. When an opportunity with Elders Grain came up, he knew this was the role for him.

Geraldton-native Michael said the synergy between Elders and their online trading platform, Clear Grain Exchange has created an unparalleled offering for farmers, and he was excited about what he could offer grains clients as an Elders West Grain Representative.

“Having worked in the industry for almost two decades and coming from a farming background, I understand the pressure farmers face in effectively marketing and selling their grain. They can be bombarded with up to 10 texts each day, with companies notifying them of the price of the day.

“Even though they may know what price they want to sell at, the job of actually selling the grain often gets buried with all the other tasks on their list.

“With Elders now providing growers with direct access to Clear Grain Exchange, growers can simply call their local branch from the paddock and chat with one of our team members who can jump online for them and set or modify their targets to sell their grain. Unlike previous and alternative models, we are not buying the grain but simply helping farmers sell their grain at the price they want,” Michael said.

Elders introduced the new grain model and its 20 percent acquisition of Clear Grain Exchange in November 2017, to make the buying and selling of grain in Australia a much easier and more efficient process that creates value at the farm-gate.

Elders National Grain Manager Lachlan Allen said Elders Grain’s new model is a positive and beneficial move for growers.

“Whether it be wool, livestock or grain, Elders has a proud history of connecting farmers with open markets and Clear Grain Exchange delivers this for growers.

“Clear Grain Exchange is Australia’s largest grain exchange network and our partnership enables Elders to help the online platform maintain its leading position while providing a foot in the door for growers.

“This platform helps us connect growers to an independent, safe and secure space where they can take their grain to buyers from across the country,” Lachlan said.

With an above average season predicted for WA, Michael encourages growers to speak with their local Elders branch to see how Elders Grain can assist them in achieving the highest return for their grain.

“I like to look at the dollar return to a business rather than yield, and with prices at an all-time high, this year is set to be an awesome one for many.

“Now is the time for growers to trial this platform. It doesn’t cost anything to register and list parcels to sell. Farmers can set the tonnage and price that they want and then let the market do the rest.

“Registering is simple. We’re on the other end of the phone to take the burden off the grower and do all the ground work for them. The grower simply tells us what they want to do and we can act on their behalf. Growers can then follow the sale on their phones and will be notified when it sells. It’s a system that really works,” Michael said.

For more information about Elders Grain, visit  https://eldersrural.com.au/grain/

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