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Elders reward clients through AgriClime

After success last season, Elders Esperance, WA is encouraging their eligible clients to sign up to Syngenta’s cash-back program, AgriClime, which is designed to help cereal growers shoulder the risk of low rainfall periods.

AgriClime offers eligible cereal growers a 15% cash-back on their investment in Syngenta technology if rainfall does not meet a threshold level over an elected period during the season. Since launching country-wide in 2016, over 420 growers have registered for AgriClime, covering in excess of 400,000 hectares.

Carl Johnstone, Farm Supplies Sales Representative at Elders Esperance says the offering is a natural fit for their clients who work in an area where rainfall levels are unpredictable.

“The nature of farming means you never quite know what a season will bring. AgriClime essentially allows us to take care of some uncertainty for our clients when investing in better crop protection, not hinder them financially for something beyond their control,” says Mr Johnstone.

“Our work with Syngenta is enabling us to provide a value add service to our loyal clients as well as offer money back to our growers,” Mr Johnstone said.

Elders’ recommendation for AgriClime compliments a number of existing offerings that aim to assist farmers with potential cash flow issues, including Elders agri finance backed by Rural Bank, and the distribution of StockCo, a 100% livestock funding product which has been remarkably successful Australia-wide.

Mr Johnstone says that his customer’s experience is one important example of how innovative farming programs can help growers to minimise their risk and maximise the potential of their operations.

AgriClime is available across a number of Syngenta products including Amistar Xtra®, Axial®, Dual Gold®, Karate Zeon®, Moddus® Evo, Uniform®, Spray.Seed®, Talinor®, and/or Vibrance®, and  Boxer Gold®.

For more information about Agriclime or our latest pre-emergent campaign to win one of 50 $2000 flight centre vouchers, contact your local Elders agronomist today.