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Elders Smart Farmer App puts spotlight on digital decision tools

Elders have given the gift of tech for 2019, with the launch of the Elders Smart Farmer App this month. Through the App, producers can now access various industry information and tools to aid on-farm decision making all in one place. The App consolidates resources in a customisable dashboard, with the option to add multiple properties and tailor each dashboard to suit individual property and farming types.

Elders Head of Digital, Michael Hall, says the business is continually monitoring the industry for technical development opportunities and is committed to investing in digital solutions that tackle problem areas for clients and can help them to maximise farm profitability.

“We know from our own research that farmers are increasingly reliant on digital tools and particularly mobile-friendly programs. However, we’ve found that the tools our clients’ access tend to be quite niche and targeted for specific market segments.” Mr Hall said.

“We have an opportunity, through our large network and client base, to offer a complimentary tool that gathers and consolidates the programs our clients use into one dashboard, making these resources as accessible and convenient as possible”.

Currently the App includes integrations with external sources such as sheep risk alerts (AskBill, a tool developed by Sheep CRC), spray forecast information (Syngenta Agricast), and market price information for livestock, wool and grain. Also integrated is monthly water level information by state and dam, weather observations and forecast, and the ability to search for current label and SDS details.

With more integrations in the pipeline, including satellite imagery, pest control alerts, yield forecasting tools and farm management systems, the App is continually developing to meet the needs of a future-focused producer.

Elders General Manager for Innovation, Digital and Brand, Karen Ross, says the App will continue to improve over time, and this is ‘just the beginning’.

“We are continually working in consultation with clients and industry to make sure that all of our digital offerings are relevant and as user-friendly as possible,” Ms Ross said.

“As the digital landscape swiftly changes, producers should expect that agribusinesses take a front seat in driving technological advancement for the industry and ensuring that clients have access to the latest tools that can support their productivity.”

“Elders are committed to leading in this space.”

As well as being a useful tool for farmers, the Smart Farmer App enables Elders to keep their eye on the developing digital landscape and establish new industry connections with other innovative agribusiness suppliers.

“Elders are conscious that the best outcomes come through collaboration and the sharing of ideas, and this is a large reason the App is designed to display key information, not to replicate what other systems and tools are already doing” says Ms Ross.

The Elders Smart Farmer App is an important new addition in Elders’ growing suite of digital tools, including, Elders Weather and Elders Red Notebook Apps.

The Elders Smart Farmer App can be downloaded for free via the App Store or Google Play. For more information visit www.elders.com.au/smart-farmer-app