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Farm Data Made Easier

Editorial written by Graham Morgan from Agworld for the Spring 2020 Seasons Magazine.

‘Making your everyday jobs easier’; it’s what Agworld is designed to do.

From creating compliant spray records and sharing data with your trusted advisor to informing your decision-making processes with accurate knowledge, it’s all about simplifying those tasks you have to do on a regular basis. We have made some significant improvements to the Agworld platform in the first half of 2020 to help you automate tasks even further and I’m sure you’ll be just as excited as I am that we continue to ‘Make Farm Data Easier’!


Agworld – PCT Agcloud integration

Narrabri, NSW based Precision Cropping Technologies has been a world class leader in providing precision services and software solutions throughout Australia since 2001. After already adding the popular Satamaps Vegetative Imagery (part of PCT) feature to Agworld in 2019, we have now started to integrate additional PCT Agcloud features into the Agworld platform.

With this integration you are able to seamlessly share data layers between Agworld and PCT as well as with other users, like your connected Elders agronomist for example. Having geospatial data available on the Agworld platform allows you to quickly make more informed decisions throughout the season.

The integration is constantly expanding and you can already display existing PCT Agcloud data such as planting, yield, EM, Veris, elevation, management zones and other layers in Agworld.

PCT Agcloud and Agworld are both independently owned Australian businesses which ensure that you control your data and that nobody else can access or utilise your data. Both companies do not sell data and constantly invest in data security so that your farm data stays safe. Because both PCT Agcloud and Agworld are cloud based, you can access your data wherever you are, whenever you need it.


Improved Agworld – John Deere Integration

Having boasted an integration between Agworld and the John Deere Operations centre for a number of years already, technological improvements on both sides have allowed us to improve this integration even further. The main objective we achieved is improved data accuracy by reducing data-entry errors and a reduction in  the time it takes to create or link actuals in Agworld from John Deere data.

When creating and converting to an Agworld Actual, Agworld creates the actual activity with the data provided by the John Deere Operation. When doing so, you are now able to match incoming inputs from John Deere to Agworld’s standardised product database, saving you time. We have also improved the accuracy of matching Agworld activity data with the incoming John Deere data so that you can consistently match the correct Agworld activity.


Collaboration is key

Having all your data available in Agworld, like the data from PCT Agcloud and John Deere for example, helps you and your Elders agronomist when it’s time to make crucial decisions. Your Elders agronomist creates your cropping plans in Agworld, which they will turn into recommendations for you to action, as the season progresses. The more data you have available on the Agworld platform, the better informed your Elders agronomist will be when creating these plans and recommendations for you.


And the best part? Because you receive your plans and recommendations from your agronomists in your Agworld account, you can easily turn them into farm data; not just as a record, but to show your cost of production and gross margin. Say goodbye to manually entering data in a stand-alone system and looking at profitability retrospectively. Collaborating with your Elders agronomist simplifies the whole process for you and gives you the insights you need!


If you have any questions about Agworld or our newly improved features, speak to your Elders agronomist or feel free to give me a call on 0448 054 281.

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