February One Elders Sales Award - Andrew Howells - Elders Rural Services

February One Elders Sales Award – Andrew Howells

Andrew Howells, District Wool Manager, has been recognised for unwavering dedication to his clients with a monthly One Elders Sales Award.

Based in Hamilton, Victoria, Andrew works in a key wool growing region of Australia, and says that long-term relationship management is crucial in an industry where you play a part in the growers’ success.

“Initially a prospective client will generally only give you a small portion of their clip and if you do a good job and have a good relationship with them it will grow from there,” says Andrew.

“I think you need to be genuinely interested in the product and the people you work with. It also helps having experienced brokers and support staff to work alongside – the support of my team and clients is invaluable.”

Andrew says that working within a team has made all of the difference to his success, and helped to build a good reputation for the Hamilton branch in their local area.

“I am very lucky to have an excellent support base behind me as well as a trusted and respected brand plus some wonderful mentors,” he says.

He says that a positive company culture also makes a difference in his day-to-day.

“I enjoy the job especially when clients have a good result and are doing well – as we are at present. The culture of the company is excellent which is a big factor because you know that your customers that are doing business with other sections of the company are being well looked after,” he says.

“As a wool rep you are working alone most of the time but you are very much part of a team and it works well.”

“I am very grateful for the award as it is always nice to receive some validation that you are on the right track.”

“I think this recognises the entire Wool Department and the great work they do. It’s a team I’m proud to be a part of.”